10 Surefire Weight Gainers for a Slim Budget

(Source: themoneywhisperer20.blogspot.com

(Source: themoneywhisperer20.blogspot.com

Not everybody is trying to lose weight. In fact, in many ways trying to gain weight is an even harder battle to win. Not only is sympathy for weight gain woes very thin, the product line-up is even thinner. Oh sure, you can find weight gainers stacked in larger than life canisters, but those options are far outranked by the aisles of weight loss pills. Plus, those weight gainers are costly.

If you’re trying to gain weight, there is only one simple hurdle you must leap, calories; that and the cash to pay for those calories.

The common belief is that you must consume protein shakes. Forget that stuff. Your budget only covers the nasty-flavored discount options anyway. Plus, you don’t need ‘em. You’re gonna gain with real food.

Here are 10 foods you can afford to eat that will help you pack on the mass.

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