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The Miracle of Music
Music is all around us. Whether we are walking in the mall, getting our hair cut, watching TV; music is present. While most of us enjoy it for our own entertainment or to occupy the silence, music actually does so much more for our bodies and minds than we... Read more
Doubting Yourself? Don’t Forget These Simple Things
When was the last time that you felt really, really good about yourself? We’re not talking about a brief feeling of positivity or a fleeting happy feeling, we’re talking full on, out and out great. If you’re scratching your head and thumbing through dates, you might not be as... Read more
3 Tricks to Try and Suppress Your Appetite
Throughout your day at work or at school, we all get those midday hunger pangs where we just cannot focus on anything but how hungry we are. If you find yourself in this position often, bringing snack is the obvious thing to do. But if you can’t do that... Read more
Are You Sacrificing Yourself For Your Work?
In today’s day and age, people are often working much more and often much harder than people in the past. For a very long time, a 40 hour work week was considered the standard and while this is still somewhat the case now, there is an increasing number of... Read more
Myth Busters: The Healthy Eating Fads You Don’t Need To Follow
Did you hear the one about eating only grass fed beef? How about the gluten free trend that everyone’s going on about? The healthy eating world is filled with a huge amount of myths and legends and in many cases, you can blindly follow the eating advice of others... Read more
How To Stick To Your Diet When You’re On Holiday
With the holiday season well and truly underway, you might be thinking about where you’re going to be spending your vacation this year. Getting just a few weeks off over the course of the year means that you will most likely want to enjoy your vacation as best you... Read more
3 Tips to Help You Remember Better
One of the most important functions of our bodies and our brains is our ability to remember. Without this ability, the world would be a disaster. Unfortunately, not all of us have a memory that is up to par for one way or another, here are three great tips... Read more
3 Life Changing Skills You Can Learn For Free
Everyone would love to be smarter and better versed in life, but unfortunately learning and perfecting new skills often takes a lot of time and often a lot of money. The money is the big one as many people simply can’t shell out a bunch of money for classes... Read more
Why Pool Competitors Should Practice in Open Water
There’s a good reason the Telegraph named open water the swimming trend of 2015. Open water pushes swimmers like no other training environment. Obviously, one should train mostly in the environments in which she would be competing. Change up too many elements in your training environment, and you may... Read more
Want To Improve Your Health? Try These Supplements
Good health starts from the inside out. The types of things that you put inside your body can have a huge impact on your levels of wellness and if you really want to push things to the next level, you might want to try taking supplements. Using supplements as... Read more
Instantly Be the Most Captivating Person in the Room With Your Body Language
No matter where you go or what you do, there always seems to be that one individual who seems to captivate everyone and be the center of attention. Now, these people may not always the most attractive people, but there is just something about them. And no, this doesn’t... Read more
How To Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality
We all dream of enjoying success at some point in our lives but for some of us, our wishes never seem to take physical form. There is a great difference between dreaming of doing something and actually going ahead and doing it and for the most part, it’s down... Read more
3 Tips to Become More Extroverted
While there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, there are introverts out there that wish they could be more outgoing and extroverted. While this may be a tougher process for others than to some, it can be done. Here are three tips to help you on your way... Read more
Mental Health: Find Your Way To A Healthier Mind
Mental health. It’s something that we should talk about more often and yet, the topic is often brushed under the carpet. Taking care of your mind can ensure that you stay in the best possible shape into the future and doing all that you can to preserve it now... Read more
3 Tips to Get Rid of Lice
Despite never having lice myself, I could imagine it would be a completely annoying and awful experience. These pesky little buggers can linger for a while and be tough to get rid of. It is a good idea to know what to do when you get them, before you... Read more
The 1 Wearable Beach Volleyball Players Must Own
From the watch company that rocked the watch world in the 80’s Swatch’s Zero One watch is the one smartwatch which was specifically designed to be a hit with beach volleyball players. This stands to reason, as it is the Swiss watch manufacturer’s most sponsored sport. They support others,... Read more
3 Ways Travel Will Improve Your Well-Being
If you ask people who have done a lot of travelling, most would tell you that it changed their lives in one way or another. It has a ton of benefits and while it is expensive, it can be a great way to spend a couple weeks or months... Read more
4 Easy Ways To Fall Asleep Fast
How do you sleep at night? Dropping off into the world of slumber can sometimes be a very tricky thing indeed and no matter what you do, some nights just don’t seem to be about getting to sleep. It’s time to make a change. Getting sufficient rest can dramatically... Read more
3 Superb Self-Defense Tips
While nobody wants to get into a fight and have to use violence on one another, sometimes things happen. While the first and obvious choice is solve it with words or run away, sometimes that is not an option and you have to defend yourself. If that option arises,... Read more
Mind Power: Hack Your Productivity The Natural Way
We’ve all had one of those days: After a long morning of meetings and a stack of paperwork, we reach for yet another cup of coffee, hoping to find an endless stream of energy and productivity at the end of every cup. While drinking coffee can help you to... Read more