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Virtual Reality Headsets are Going to Rock Your Perspective
This time next year when we write the follow-up to this entry if we wait that long, we’ll have to really do our research. The virtual reality (VR) category may only be in its infancy today, but you can bet it will mature quickly. By 2017 we expect a... Read more
Trash Your Food Journal; BioRing Will Measure Your Intake
Okay, you can stop rolling your eyes. We called it in this blog, that the future of wearables would include technology to measure your calorie intake. Well, the folks at BioRing took it up a notch. They’re gonna measure macros as well as most other health metrics. If they... Read more
3 Health Tips for Those Who Work at a Desk
As technologies have advanced over time, the way that many humans spend their working hours has changed dramatically. While at one time it was normal for us to almost always work on our feet, now we spend most of our working hours sitting at a desk, which can lead... Read more
4 Simple Summer Skin Care Tips
With the beautiful summer weather comes unwanted oil build-up, sunburns, acne flare ups and a whole host of other skin problems. Today, we’re here to hack your body (specifically your skin) into looking flawless all summer long with these 4 simple summer skin care tips! 1. Wear less makeup Piling... Read more
4 Signs You Need to Change Your Workout Right Now
It’s not you, Workout, it’s me. I don’t like YOU… Change is not always welcome, nor is it easy. If it were, then people wouldn’t toil in dead-end jobs, tolerate unhappy relationships or keep showing up to workouts that aren’t resulting in change. Sometimes the obvious answer is the... Read more
The 5 Step Guide To Mastering Your Next 5k Run
It’s the ultimate beginner race and yet, if you’re just starting out, a 5k run can seem like a really hard hurdle to get over. At just over 3 miles, a 5k can help to test both your endurance and your speed and by working on your stamina and... Read more
Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways To Cut Your Cooking Time
You are what you eat. The types of foods that you put inside of your body determine the type of health that you can enjoy throughout your life and when it comes to taking good care of yourself, it pays to make a little extra effort. If you don’t... Read more
Why Failing in Life is Actually a Good Thing
In life, we always aim to succeed and do our best. When this works, we are ecstatic but when it doesn’t, we often are unhappy as a result, but why? The simple answer is, nobody wants to fail or not succeed at something they want to do. But what... Read more
3 Tips to Work Less and Get More Done
For years, we have praised hard work. And while there is nothing wrong with working hard (it is great), but we really should be more worried with working smart. By working smart, there is the potential to get more work done in less time, and who doesn’t want more... Read more
Could These Bad Habits Be Zapping Your Energy?
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you spring out of bed, full of energy for the day ahead or instead, do you find it harder and harder to wake up, losing more motivation with each passing day? Lacking the energy in order to... Read more
What Makes a Great Leader?
Whether in the context of a sports team, an office setting or anything in between, leadership is of the utmost importance. But when we think of what a leader is, the blueprint is different for everybody. For some, a leader is a strong and somewhat harsh individual who is... Read more
Here Are 3 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do
Your level-headed friend you always go to for advice, the manager who leads by examples and with poise and not an iron fist and the complete stranger who goes out of their way to help you. What do all these people have in common? The answer is that they... Read more
3 Ways to be A More Aware Human Being
While going through your day to day life, you likely run into more than a few people who simply have no awareness of the world around them. Whether they stop in a busy hallway, stand in the middle of moving foot traffic or anything in between, these people are... Read more
These Are The Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine
When most people wake up and are on the way to work, they often come armed with a cup of coffee in their hand. This coffee is a universal pick me up for millions every day and its benefits are obvious to those who drink it. However, there are... Read more
5 Wearables for Your Baby That Aren’t Totally Creepy
The day we went full baby, was the day wearables crossed a line, maybe. I really didn’t mean to make that rhyme. We were all fine and dandy with the wearables market creating tools to track everything from sun exposure to better volleyball playing, but when they brought babies... Read more
Could These Body Postures Boost Your Self Esteem?
Are you sitting comfortably? How you hold yourself can say a lot of things and before even getting to know you, a person can make a snap judgment based solely on the fact of how straight you keep your back. Good body posture is great for all kinds of... Read more
The Miracle of Music

The Miracle of Music

Lifestyle November 18, 2022

Music is all around us. Whether we are walking in the mall, getting our hair cut, watching TV; music is present. While most of us enjoy it for our own entertainment or to occupy the silence, music actually does so much more for our bodies and minds than we... Read more
Doubting Yourself? Don’t Forget These Simple Things
When was the last time that you felt really, really good about yourself? We’re not talking about a brief feeling of positivity or a fleeting happy feeling, we’re talking full on, out and out great. If you’re scratching your head and thumbing through dates, you might not be as... Read more
3 Tricks to Try and Suppress Your Appetite
Throughout your day at work or at school, we all get those midday hunger pangs where we just cannot focus on anything but how hungry we are. If you find yourself in this position often, bringing snack is the obvious thing to do. But if you can’t do that... Read more
Are You Sacrificing Yourself For Your Work?
In today’s day and age, people are often working much more and often much harder than people in the past. For a very long time, a 40 hour work week was considered the standard and while this is still somewhat the case now, there is an increasing number of... Read more