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4 Great Subreddits to Master Your Body
Reddit has burst onto the scene over the past couple of years and is one of the most popular websites out there. The site is a collection of “subreddits” in which users talk about and discuss a wide variety of things from movies to music to news and much... Read more
Emotional Eating: Remove it From Your Home
Recently, an article appeared in Very Well, which outlined many of the reasons we eat emotionally. In case you don’t feel like reading it, the article mentioned cortisol cravings, social eating, nervous energy, childhood habits, and stuffing our emotions. It’s an interesting list of challenges many of us can relate to,... Read more
Exoskeletons Are Slowly Turning us Into Cyborgs
Technically, that’s not true. We won’t be melding with exoskeletons anytime soon. It may surprise you to learn just how many exoskeleton options exist out there. In fact, this isn’t even the full list. Many groups are racing to create the next generation of exoskeletons. Will we see the end... Read more
The Transcendent Man
The technology we have around us is evolving and moving forward at an alarming rate, and one of the indivudlas at the forefront of what could be next is a man named Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is an author, inventor, computer scieinst and more, but is without a doubt best... Read more
Finally, Design Your Own Wearable with Blocks Smartwatch
You’ve done the research, considered all the options. Many smartwatches have features you like, but you take the bad with the good. There are a couple of competitive fitness trackers, but none stand out as perfect. If only there were some way you could cobble together the best parts... Read more
Razer’s HDK2 Will Give VR a Run for the Money
For users who are a little more tech-savvy than the rest of us, the HDK 2 (Hacker Development Kit 2) may be the open source headset to buy. Virtual Reality headsets may not be the most useful wearable on the market. There are no heart rate monitors, no steps tracked, no... Read more
3 Shocking Ways to Naturally Improve Testosterone
As men, we all want to add muscle mass, and the way to easiest do that is increase testosterone. Not only does it help with muscle and bone health, it can also help lower the risk of osteoporosis. However, many men do not know how to raise their testosterone... Read more
Apple Cider Vinegar: The Health Boosting Cure
Apples and health seem to go hand in hand. While eating the real thing might already be a part of your healthy routine, using them in their various guises might be even better for keeping you in shape. It might be one of the lesser known versions of the... Read more
How Should You Learn a New Language?
Learning a language is one of the best things you can do for yourself in life. Not only can it help you become a more cultured and varied individual, but it can also lead to a ton of more job opportunities all over the world. But when deciding to... Read more
How To Treat Your Migraine At Home
Dealing with migraines is hardly anyone idea of a good time and yet, if you suffer from them on a regular basis, it might be a part of your reality. While understanding the signs that a migraine is one the way is one of the most effective ways of... Read more
3 Things That You Didn’t Know Could Vastly Improve Your Mental Health
We all know of various ways to increase our brain health and strength. Things like learning, reading, teaching and more have been shown to improve our brainpower, but did you know there are also tons of other ways to do so? Well, here are three surprising things you can... Read more
Here Are 4 Ways To Get Hooked On Exercise
Exercise is one of the most simple ways to feel better about your body and boost your energy but if you’re not in love with it, it can be a hard regime to pick up. Getting to grips with fitness is all about taking your time with it and... Read more
Here Are Four Extremely Common Regrets You Should Avoid
In life, we sometimes don’t get to do things we want to for one reason or another. It could be a job, finances or any other factor that influences your choice. And when we let things get in the way of things we truly want to do, it often... Read more
4 Super Simple Skin Care DIY’s Using Green Tea
Green Tea is like a bubblebath for our insides- but better than that, it’s a key ingredient of many incredible skin care DIY’s. Who doesn’t love using something so natural and organic to better their beauty routine? Green Tea is best known for it’s anti-oxidant properties, making it hugely... Read more
4 Vitamins Every Woman Needs To Know
Maintaining good health is all about balance. The kinds of nutrients and vitamins that you put in your body can help to keep your fitness levels up and your chance of illness down and yet, we might not all require the same kinds of things. Your gender changes a... Read more
3 Natural Ways to Have Younger Skin
As we age, one of the biggest indicators of our age can be our skin. While there are things we can do to hide the aging, it will always remain and rear its ugly head. And while some of us many not be concerned with looking younger, a ton... Read more
Tea Tree: The Hair Growth Miracle Worker
When you’re trying to grow your hair, it can feel like time has stood still. Waiting for things to move is very much like watching paint dry and the more you watch, the less that seems to happen. It turns out, however, that there might be another way. The... Read more
5 Brilliant Wearables for Cyclist’s Heads
According to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents, ROSPA, in 2014 75% of cycling accidents occur in urban areas. This data may not be relevant to the greater cycling community, but it’s not ignorable. Not all cycling happens in cities. In fairness, many cities have stepped up their cycling game... Read more
What Ever Happened to the Mysterious Wove Band?
In development for over ten years, Wove promised to be the greatest thing to happen to wearables since the Apple Watch. It scheduled to launch mid-2016, but it has yet to sell anywhere. Short of reaching out the devs, we spent some time searching the internet for clues, looking... Read more
Forever Feeling Hungry? This Could Be Why
Getting into shape is all about eating the right kinds of things but if you’re battling a serious case of hunger, then sticking to a diet can be easier said than done. If you forever feel hungry, there might be something else at play and by trying to get... Read more