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Nude Fitness; It’s Not Really A Thing Even Though It Is
If you decide to Google “Nude Fitness,” refine your search results for news hits only. It’s a drrty internet out there. I’d hate for to charred holes in your eye sockets. Otherwise, you can take my word for it. It’s a thing. It’s not a big thing (not that... Read more
4 Inverted Fitness Modes That You Should Consider in 2017
The key to hacking your fitness is to workout in new ways, keep it fresh. If you are always learning something new, your brain and body grow commensurately. Hitting the gym day after day isn’t for everybody. If you have the chance to mix it up, your brain will... Read more
Everything About Your Fitness Rests On Your Booty
On any given Monday, you can anticipate the bench press and all the free benches occupied at the gym. Every Monday is National Chest Day (NCD). Every other day of the week you can expect as much as 50% of the same equipment is under the stress of “a... Read more
To Fix Your Posture Fix This 1 Muscle
The problems of the world center on one thing: bad posture. That sounds like a wild claim, I know. I can’t prove it, but if you’ve ever straightened out your posture, I mean really zipped it up, you’d agree: there’s a lot riding on good posture. Your brain is... Read more
5 Silly Things People Need To Stop Saying About The Gym
The longer you stick with your exercise program, and the more you learn, the harder it gets to watch others exercise at the gym. This is the case with anything new. At first, you’re naive. You might walk into walls, but you’re so excited, it doesn’t matter. Life is... Read more
To Get Faster You Need 3 Training Techniques That Are A Real Drag
Whether you run for recreation and have grown bored with your performance or you train athletically and need more power, you have many options to increase your speed. Speed and power go hand in hand with running. To get faster, you need more power to your legs, a harder... Read more
Insecure At The Gym? You Aren’t Alone; How To Get Past It 
Your first time in a gym, even if you’re just picking someone up. you notice one thing. Everybody seems to know what they are doing. When I hit my first gym at age 19, I thought the same thing. Now all I see is all the goofy things people... Read more
Get Your Money’s Worth From Personal Training
This is gonna be the best year of your life for fitness. You’ve made up your mind. You don’t quite know what that means, but it’s gonna include hiring a professional to give you direction. Great! I’m a big fan of hiring trainers. You only get one body. Treat... Read more
Why You Need Dogma In Your Fitness
If you ever have the chance to hear movement coach, Ido Portal, speak about his philosophies, do it. He has some great thoughts on the value of movement for therapy. I also like his consideration of different methods. In fact, before this becomes a blog about Portal, let’s get... Read more
Find The Right Exercise Outlet; Match It To Your Personality
At the risk of sounding like a corrupt MP3 file stuck on repeat, the most important aspect of your program is your habit. Without the habit, you have nothing from which to improve. With your regular habit intact, you can always course correct, but without it, you’re stuck on... Read more
5 People You Don’t Wanna Be At The Gym in 2017
It’s a new year; depending on who you ask that’s a good thing. You may have made some resolutions even. Wonderful. I’m a big fan of setting goals, especially time-bound ones. At the end of your life, you want to look back and know that you were exactly the... Read more
Don’t Feel Like Working Out? Here’s What To Tell Yourself
Winter is all about staying cozy, spending time with friends and family and avoiding the cold. Getting up the motivation to workout during the colder months can be a very real struggle indeed, and by the end of the season, you might find your fitness on a whole different... Read more
Trying To Lose Weight? Here’s How To Tweak Your Workout
Losing weight is a process that, when done right, should take a certain amount of time. Healthily shedding the pounds is all about changing your lifestyle in the right way, making sustainable changes and sticking to a balanced diet. Working out might be a major factor for you when... Read more
12 Months in 2017; 12 Nutrition Changes In 4 Steps
If you’ve ever tried to change a habit, you know firsthand. It ain’t easy. For better or worse, habits are the aspect of our lives that allow us to process new information. Otherwise, we’d always need our brain power for everything we do. My favorite example is the light... Read more
Travel Essentials; 5 Places To Workout When There’s No Gym
During the holidays or any time of travel, finding a place to work on your fitness can prove challenging. Family and friends are no help either, especially if they don’t workout themselves. They’ll send you to the local park, where you’ll find nothing but untamed trees and grass or... Read more
Slow Fitness: The Best Low Impact Walking Workouts
When it comes to getting in shape, it’s not always about putting your all in every time. While high intensity cardio workouts are an essential way of staying in shape, you also need to take things down a gear or two in order to give your body to build... Read more
Want To Improve Your Fitness? Work Out At Night
Do you dread the thought of getting up early in the morning, putting on your workout gear and getting your fitness on? You might not be alone. While many people swear by an early morning fitness routine, there are countless others that simply aren’t morning people, and find it... Read more
How To Exercise When It’s Too Cold To Go Outside
When the weather outside is frightful, there’s pretty much no way you’re going to want to head out for a workout. With stretches of winter weeks ahead of us, though, just how can we continue to stay in shape over the cold season? It’s all about changing your mindframe.... Read more
This Abs Workout Will Improve Your Running Skills
Getting in shape with running is a great way to give your body a workout. Strengthening your core and your legs, the sport can help to tone up major muscle groups and get your cardio health in good nick, too. After some time, however, you might find that you... Read more
Gym Rules; 3 Good Reasons To Use Resistance Machines
Don’t feel bad if the first thing you thought was, what’s wrong with machines? By machines, I mean the gym equipment with stacks of weight on a guided pull system. They’re the ones where the user articulates some kind of fixed arm. Salespeople leverage equipment as a selling point; people couldn’t... Read more