3 Fitness Trackers That Will Improve Your Punches

Combat may be the oldest form of fitness, predating sport. Since the dawn of humanity, fighting has been a part of our existence; the fight against other humans for power, animals for food, nature for survival. It’s no wonder so many people today find a practice of the fighting arts valuable for staying healthy.

(Source: spartan-martialarts.com/)

(Source: spartan-martialarts.com/)

With the growth of gyms including forms of fighting in their classwork or gyms like the UFC chain which is clearly branded towards society’s fighters, we can expect combat for fitness to go twelve rounds.

Believe it or not, there’s a tracker for that. In fact, there are three fitness trackers specifically designed just for fighters.

Most fitness trackers will track some version of your fighting activity, but if you are looking to improve aspects of your hitting, you’ll be hard pressed to get the data you need from a standard tracker bracelet.

A better idea would be to invest in a wearable specifically designed for fighters. The idea is so hot, it’s barely out of the prototype stage. Of these three options, Corner, Striketec or Hykso, only one is available today for purchase.

(Source: athletec.io)

(Source: athletec.io)


Corner, from Athletic, is two small, wireless trackers, which you strap under or on your hand wraps. The devices connect to iOS or Android devices, working straight out of the box. From that point forward, everything you do with your hands is recorded. Every punch, every block, and every combination

From that point forward, everything you do with your hands is recorded. Every punch, every block, and every combination is captured in real time. That information is compiled by Corner’s software to build a picture of your performance as you work.

In fact, you can see your progress from the corner, in between rounds without even taking off your gloves. They call this rest time feedback. Rather than relying solely  on the perceptions of a coach, Corner gives you quantitative data about your hits.

So, if you’re trying to improve your punching speed, you can easily see how fast your hands are moving right away. Over time, Corner’s software tracks your performances on your preferred device so you can see progress over time.

This way you can figure out where you require more focus in your training.

Cost and availability is not currently listed on their site, but you can join their mailing list for updates.

(Source: efdsports.com)

(Source: efdsports.com)


Funded on crowd sourced money, Striketec’s technology is a variation on Corner’s. With Striketec, you have a couple of devices for tracking your movement, depending on your preference. They include a sensor, similar to Corner’s trackers and a band.

You either use the sensor by itself, wrapped into your wraps or tucked into your velcro. If neither of those is preferred, you can snap the device into the band, which goes on your wrist.

The device gives realtime feedback on your hits. Whereas Corner is geared towards your ring time, Striketec focuses more on your training, like the heavy bag, mitt training or sparring. Their claim to fame? Precision.

The Striketec wearables were designed to precisely track a whole range of motions, including those of martial arts practitioners. In fact, Striketec promises they have designs on improving your kicks too.

What’s Striketec gonna cost you? As of this writing, it’s up in the air. Striketec is the process of taking their funding to production. Meanwhile, there is no option to pre-order on their site, so it’s anyone’s guess. Again, join their mailing list for updates.

(Source: hykso.com)

(Source: hykso.com)


Hykso’s punch tracking sensors tuck into your wraps. The great thing Hysko has that the other two do not? You can purchase their product right now. As of this writing, they are selling for $149.99, but will go up to $219.95 in a matter of days.

Hysko’s trackers record every punch for speed and type. They also measure workout intensity via a proprietary metric they call, “Striking Intensity,” and help you with goal setting.

As with the other two systems, Hysko tracks your progress to help you improve over time. They also invite you to network with their community of elite professional fighters to see how you compare.

With their app, you can compete head to head against friends, the global rank and file, or you can go gym-vs-gym. The Hysko system pairs with IOS and Android via Bluetooth.

(Source: ironcorefit.co.in)

(Source: ironcorefit.co.in)

All good things come to a head eventually. You won’t have to work the black market to get your own punch trackers. To be fair, until you read this, you may not have considered even working with a fitness tracker like this.

Why not? If you are going to make something your hobby, why not make yourself the best version of that hobby. Like most fitness trackers, we suspect that investing in one of these options won’t make you want it more, but if you already want it then they will help you get what you want, which is better.

Go get it.