How To Exercise Without Exercising

Committing to a healthier, more active lifestyle is something that many of us endeavour to do but with work hours stacking up and social events to commit to, actually getting to the gym and properly working out can be difficult. Thankfully though, there is another way. While traditional exercises like running, weightlifting and cycling are a great way to get your heart pumping, there are a ton of other methods you can use to work out your body. The best part? You might not even realize that you’re exercising.



Something that most of us do every single day, walking can actually be a great way in which to give your body a workout. Simply by changing your daily routine in the mornings and evenings, you can fit in a short workout on your daily commute. While you might be able to walk into work and back, you can also try taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus earlier and walking the last stretch, or parking your car further away from the office. Pounding the pavement for a few extra minutes each morning and evening can really help to improve your health and keep your body active.



Serious dancing can work up a sweat like no other form of exercise and better yet, it’s a great way in which to relieve stress! If you’re not familiar with formal dancing styles, you can get just as good of a workout by dancing at home or with friends. The trick is to move your body and raise your pulse; it doesn’t matter how you look.



While cleaning the house might be something that many of us dread doing, the chore can actually be a great way in which to fit in a little extra exercise. Tasks like vacuuming, cleaning the bath and mopping the floors all exert a lot of extra energy and, when performed for a longer period of time, can really help to work up a sweat. For the best results, you can try accompanying your deep clean with some of your favorite music; it’s bound to get your body moving.



If you’re lucky enough to be able to play a musical instrument, you might just have the key to burning a few extra calories without even realizing. Playing instruments like the violin for an hour burns roughly the same amount of calories as walking at a moderate pace for an hour. Not only will your arms get a great workout but also, your brain will be pushed, too!



While the majority of video games involve a whole lot of sitting down, there are a few out there which can be used to improve your fitness. Games consoles like the Wii or Kinect are based around a number of active challenges, forcing you to get up and get moving to win the game. The best part about it is it’s up to you how you choose to move your body around. Healthy and fun? What could be better?