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Track the movement of each muscle, down to the fiber, without wires and lab technicians. Sound impossible? Expensive? Athos Connected Apparel is neither. While most conversations...

Track the movement of each muscle, down to the fiber, without wires and lab technicians. Sound impossible? Expensive? Athos Connected Apparel is neither.



While most conversations about wearables are focused on making them disappear, there is one product, which has gone the other direction. If Athos is the product for your workouts, you won’t even mind.

Forget about a wristband that tries to track everything. Athos apparel covers more than your wrist, but it’s cool. It fits like a superhero outfit. In fact, the design looks like it could have come from Tony Stark’s lab, with one of the cores mounted right to the center of the chest like an arc reactor.

The key to finding value in Athos is first with understanding the technology, then with understanding how it works to help you improve your workouts, and how that technology may shape the future of your exercise.



Uses EMG Technology

This ain’t no heart rate monitor sewn into your shirt. This is EMG technology. EMG is short for  Electrobiology. We’ve had it for decades, but prior to Athos it was only available in labs or high-end training facilities.

The founders of Athos wanted to bring that technology to the average gym member, and they have. In fact, Athos launched way back in 2014. In the world of wearable technology, this is forever ago.

Athos not only brings the technology down to earth, it cuts out the need for all the machines, wires and sticky electrodes that normally accompany that technology. Traditional EMG equipment might cost you between $5,000 to $15,000.

Clothing pieces from Athos are $99 plus $199 for the core technology as of this writing. By comparison of cost alone, they’ve made a compelling pitch.



How Athos works

Tracks Every Aspect of Your Movement through sensors mounted at key points in the clothing. The sensors are microphones, which communicate with your device via the core technology (the Iron Man piece).

That network tells you which of your muscles is firing and how intense those muscles are firing. The software on your device compiles that data, giving you insight on how you can improve your muscle engagement.

This is way beyond a trainer watching you, making his best guess about what’s happening under your skin by watching what happens on the outside. That’s like going to the carwash for an engine diagnosis.

If you’re trying to figure out why your chest muscles aren’t firing correctly or why one arm is developing more than another, Athos may be the insight you seek.



The Future of Workouts with Athos

Fast Company called Athos one of The World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Fitness. With 2015 behind us, we have to wonder what is next for this company? They’ve really only released  one version of their product.

Some opportunities as we see it… While most users report that the compression materials fit comfortably, current users have to carry a smartphone to get real-time feedback of their workouts. Could the introduction of thinner displays, or smart skin take Athos in a different direction?

Also, the shirt and shorts for Athos are going to be a little warm for users in some locations. Made of 76% Nylon and 24% Lycra Spandex, covering the arms to the wrist, and the legs to the knees, what could a lighter version do for Athos? Would users be enticed to wear them all the time?

Perhaps they consider marketing some deodorizing tools with version two? Even if body temperature and odor aren’t issues, fashion could hold this brand from becoming an everyday wearable for some.



If you don’t mind wearing compression shorts and shirts when you workout, and if you are looking for more information on how your individual muscles are flexing, then Athos may be for you.

If you decide to go this route, you have fully committed to the wearables movement. You are officially a cyborg.

Resistance is futile.