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As is the case with any disability, the hardest part isn’t living with it. The most difficult thing is admitting there’s a challenge. Then... What? Eargo Eliminates the What Without Killing the Bass

As is the case with any disability, the hardest part isn’t living with it. The most difficult thing is admitting there’s a challenge. Then you have to ask for help, possibly drawing attention to yourself in ways you prefer to avoid. This is probably why less than 20% of the people with hearing challenges ever admit there’s a problem.



It certainly isn’t because they are in love with the word “what.”

The brainchild of Doctor Florent Michel, an ENT surgeon, the Eargo was inspired by a fishing lure. It’s true.

Dr. Michel was no stranger to hearing devices, having fielded complaints from clients about the existing options. Even the best devices gave the wearers problems. They were too tiny to adjust the controls, too difficult to change the batteries, and yet despite their impossible size, still too visible.

Designed Totally Differently


As far as wearables going invisible, Eargo is darn close.

Dr. Michel considered the fiber elements of a fly fishing lure, creating an aid that would allow the bass to pass through the device. As it turns out, bass does not like interference.

Instead of fly lure fibers, he implemented silicone versions, calling them flexi fibers, which allow the device to work more naturally with the canal. They suspend the device in the canal without blocking it. Combined with the tiny design of the technology housing, the Eargo sits low but comfortably in the canal. It’s the only device closer to invisible than air.

Super Easy to Use



There are no tiny batteries to change on the Eargo, which also means there are no replacement batteries to buy. That saves you hundreds of dollars per year.

Eargo is rechargeable, lasting for a week per charge. Because you don’t have to recharge it often, you may forget you even have something in your ear. It’s that light.

There are also no switches or tiny buttons to push. The Eargo connects with your ear bio-electrically, allowing you to tap your ear to change the settings. It comes with four preset settings, which you can toggle by tapping your ear to suit the environment.

The Eargo site outlines usage in four easy steps: order Eargo, put them in your ears, tap your ears for the right setting, try them for 60 days with no risk.

Risk Free


If all of the products promises don’t inspire you to take a risk, then lose no sleep. You risk nothing. If after 60-days you aren’t 100% thrilled with your new hearing experience, then you can get your money back.

They have a few payment plans, as you will be shelling out nearly $2000 for these bad boys. Traditional hearing aids cost twice as much but are four times as big.

The great thing about a risk-free trial is you can assume that once you are ready to invest, you’re likely going to be happy with your choice.



Your involvement assumes you are finally tired of saying “what” all the time. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but maybe it bothers someone with whom you share your time.

Perhaps that person is tired of repeating everything said. Maybe it’s time you consider all your options.