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You’ve done the research, considered all the options. Many smartwatches have features you like, but you take the bad with the good. There are... Finally, Design Your Own Wearable with Blocks Smartwatch

You’ve done the research, considered all the options. Many smartwatches have features you like, but you take the bad with the good. There are a couple of competitive fitness trackers, but none stand out as perfect. If only there were some way you could cobble together the best parts of your favorite wearables. Then you’d have Blocks.



Blocks is the pre-imminent modular smartwatch that will change everything—so hope the developers. They’ve been pressing hard to compete with what they see as their competition.

No, not Apple. Sure, them too, but Pebble Smartwatch. What does Blocks do that Pebble doesn’t? It’s the watch that’s customizable with few limitations.

What’s more, it’s available for pre-order now.

Yes, it’s customizable.



Unlike every other wearable out there, the Blocks system is customizable.

Where most smart devices cram all their tech behind the face of a display, Blocks uses every applicable part of the band to give users a unique experience. At its core, it’s a smartwatch.

The circular display comes with the usual host of features. Of course, it tells the time, but it also sends notifications, tracks some fitness activities and includes voice control.

If you like things simple, you can slap on a regular band. You have a smartwatch. But, if you want more from your watch, which is why anyone would buy Blocks in the first place, you’ll attach modules to the strap.

There are some limitations.



For one, your wrist size matters. Folks with small wrists may find Blocks a little unaccommodating.

Since the diverse functions of the watch increase with the number of modules you add, folks with thicker wrists will finally prevail. In fact, they’ll also find the design looks better on their wrists.

The face is 12 mm thick. That’s pretty chunky, considering the Apple Watch is 10.5 as is the Pebble Steel.

The modules themselves attach easily, but only time will tell how well they stay attached.

According to an interview with the devs in Wareable, they’ve paid special attention to the design elements of the final product. They know no matter what they do, it will ship with opportunities for improvement. For this reason, they’ve been working tirelessly to reduce those problems.

You can’t buy it yet, but soon.



Oh, boo-hoo, you can’t have what you want right this instant. Kidding. I feel you. This device screams, “buy me right now.”

The good news is you can pre-order now. They will ship by the end of September 2016.

In fact, pre-orders are still at a discounted rate if you act quickly. The pre-order site allows you to pick one of three different color watches, with all six of the existing modules.

In time, you will be able to order new modules. You can even lobby for specific modules they haven’t even invented. If enough people say they would buy such a module, the team at Blocks will get busy developing it.



At least in the United States, we see ourselves as rugged individuals. We like to have control, even if it’s only a perception.

Nothing says “you’re in charge” like a modular design. If this weren’t true, Ikea wouldn’t be so popular. DIY wouldn’t be a buzzword. Nobody would know what open source means.

For this reason, we think Blocks is gonna be huge.