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The message is clear from their silly Indiegogo video: Joule is a bracelet style wearable that will charge you up with caffeine until you... Joule Bracelet Caffeinates You Transdermally So You Can Dance All Day

The message is clear from their silly Indiegogo video: Joule is a bracelet style wearable that will charge you up with caffeine until you feel like dancing but won’t crash you out like other forms of caffeine. The dancing potion enters your bloodstream through your skin. You don’t have to stand in line at the coffee shop. Just wear Joule then rock out. You’re guaranteed to stay silly all day.



This will all make sense by the end…

The makers of Joule bracelet may be the largest goofballs on Indiegogo right now, but they’re dead serious about their wearable.

The visit to their Indiegogo page is worth the low-rent promotional video, which so wants to be the dollar shave club viral video (but isn’t). It’s still funny, in a shake-your-head-at-your-buddy-being-a-goof kind of way.

The Joule bracelet is is a simple design that delivers your caffeine rush through your skin. While this may raise at least one eyebrow, the technology works, but the application carries some benefits beyond convenience.

Joule Bracelet



As a wearable, Joule won’t win any design awards, despite the insistence by the manufacturers that it’s sexy and macho. To be fair there are three different color options.

There’s nothing obnoxious about the design, it’s fine. It looks like a fitness tracker. It does the job in a silicone band fashion, save the inside-of-the-wrist portion where the caffeine patch delivers the goodies.

The patch delivers about the same amount of caffeine you get in one medium cup of coffee. Replacement patches come to you via the mail. They’ll ship batches of thirty at a time, so if you like more caffeine in your day you can order more.

Caffeine Versus Coffee



In a fight to wake you up, who wins, caffeine or coffee? Trick question. Neither of them knows how to fight. In truth, the best answer is, it depends.

If, for example, that coffee were decaffeinated, then the caffeine for sure. See? It so depends.

Individual tolerances to caffeine vary, especially with different delivery methods. Some people swear by their favorite energy drink, where other find only a good cup of Joe gives them pep.

Drawing lines between people’s individual perceptions what works best, can get messy. That said, the caffeine in Joule should work.

Rather than drink it, you absorb it, transdermally. What’s that you ask? What a perfect time to ask…

Transdermal Administration



By now most people are familiar with some variant of this technology, even though there is little actual technology involved.

We’ve had over the counter patches aimed at helping smokers quit forever. Other medications, like hormonal administrations for men and women we can also absorb in this way.

What it comes down to is the size of the element that the patch needs to transmit. Technicians design the patches to release the desired amount of materials over time until that drains the patch. Then you have to change it.

It works because your blood stream is just below the surface of your skin. What you absorb, skips the normal route through your digestive system, mainlining from the skin.

It’s like a shot without the needle.

Fringe Bennies



With Joule, you’ll suffer zero teeth stains like the kind coffee can give you, but you’ll suffer no patch stains either.

Because your body absorbs the delivery of Joule’s caffeine over time, you get a more controlled release. This may help stave off crashes better than other forms of caffeine.

The form factor of Joule means you can keep the good stuff coming no matter the environment unless you’re swimming. That would just wash away your patch.

It’s all the best parts of coffee without all the baggage, and for a better price per cup in most cases.



If you take advantage of the Joule campaign, you’ll pay about $30 to get started, less than $10 for an extra bracelet.

The Joule crew has a Joule watch available for about $100. IMHO, it’s not a looker, but it’s a cute idea.

Nothing says it better than their promo video. You have to watch this: