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A company that goes by the name Technology Will Save Us launched a Kickstarter campaign for a children’s wearable earlier this year, which funded... Must Have: Mover Kit Kid’s Wearable Ships for Christmas

A company that goes by the name Technology Will Save Us launched a Kickstarter campaign for a children’s wearable earlier this year, which funded in two days. In fact, they crushed their goals by 250%.



If you have kids or know someone who has kids, you have to share this with them. In case you haven’t already heard about it, Mover Kit is no McDonald’s Happy Meal wearable.

It’s also not the Fitbit for kids. In fact, it’s nothing like any adult wearable out there, but that’s a good thing.

Instead of shaming kids about their activity levels, Mover will teach them the building blocks of coding while they play, then deliver rewards in the form of twinkling lights.

We would argue, you’ll get better ancillary activity from this wearable than any fitness tracker out there, but your kids won’t know it.

Children may code the Mover Kit in an infinite number of ways. We’ll talk about why kids would care about that.

Kids as young as eight years old can play with it, teaching them well beyond what you would teach them, inspiring them to be the next generation of solvers.

The Kit



From the box, Mover Kit requires assembly. Relax, it’s nothing too challenging. Your kids can do it. In fact, they should do it, if they can.

Assembly is as easy as the simplest Lego plans. There are two punch-out boards that stack together, drop into the shell, then slide onto a bracelet.

It can also drop into a lightsaber. Yup, lightsaber.

From the beginning, Mover Kit inspires children to build something.

What it does



Technology Will Save Us describes the Kit as a Trojan Horse as much as it is a STEM toy.

Mover Kit teaches kids how to program at a basic level. They create games, where the object is to jump, spin, run or complete other tasks to stimulate the kit. Technology Will Save Us calls them “projects.”

When players complete those projects, different displays render on the wearable. The complexity of these projects can be as simple as one task or as complicated as a string of tasks completed in order.

Simple. Fun. [Psst: Educational.]

What will happen



“Technology will save us,” is not quite the message fed to us in the adult bracket. TV was bad for our eyes. Computers would never be in our homes. Video games were to turn us into violent maniacs.

Mover Kit flips the technology paradigm on its head. Instead of being afraid of tech, we are asking it to save us. At this point, what else could it do?

What we expect to see, is that this generation of kids will grow with a whole new language skill.

Programming to them will be as writing is to us. It will bolt onto the three Rs, becoming the four: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and pRogramming.



We’re not experts, but it seems that if programming isn’t part of your child’s learning, they may struggle to keep up as adults.

While that may seem like a tall order, remember that children are pliable. They learn these things with greater ease than we would if we started now.

In fact, that may be the key learning for us adults in all this. If adults today want to stay competitive in the coming years, they had better learn to program. Message sent and received, Mover Kit. Thank you.

Kits sell for around $66, but will total closer to $70 after shipping to the US as they are from the UK.