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Nike did it last October as a commemorative shoe, celebrating Oct. 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly traveled to in the movie Back to... Nike Self-lacing Shoes Because Awesome

Nike did it last October as a commemorative shoe, celebrating Oct. 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly traveled to in the movie Back to The Future. The first pair went to Michael J Fox, the guy who played McFly. They looked and worked just like the ones from the movie.



Now there releasing an everyday sneaker, not just a prototype, one that laces itself. First announced March of this year, they’re calling their new shoes HyperAdapt 1.0.

These shoes are not yet in stores, but you can preorder them. Of you can afford them (the price is yet unannounced) they may not only be your first pair of self-lacers but your first pair of light-up shoes.

Not just your pals, but your kids will be jealous… unless you are a kid, in which case, congrats on having wealthy parents. We calling it now: the most expensive shoes.

Nike’s creation may not just be about flash, their unique design is definitely note-worthy, but these shoes may be functional too, but should you buy them?




Imagine someone commissioned Nike to build a low-top sneaker that lights up, but more importantly, ties itself. Got that picture in your head? That’s pretty much what they look like.

These are what marketers call “on brand,” and not just because of the swoosh. Other than the extra bit near the arch, these look like a pair of normal Nike shoes.

It looks like there will be three color schemes. One is silver with black details, another black, and the third is white.

Under the arch of each shoe, a mechanism attached to a sensor in the heel connects to “laces,” which actuate when you step down. Other than dropping in your paw, there’s nothing for you to do, but, well, it. Just do it, whatever it is, I guess.

If the fit isn’t precise enough, there are buttons on the side to loosen or tighten. You charge the battery on the bottom with a magnetic charger. One fill-up lasts you about two weeks.

On a full charge, the lights on your souls are blue. They fade to yellow when there are days left on the clock to let you know it’s recharge time.




Sure, their primary function for most early adopters will be making an impression. Our money is on men as the target demographic for this first round.

That means there will a mixture of awe, but also ridicule on basketball courts everywhere. You can be flashy if you’re a professional athlete or a real baller, but you’d better fly low if your game is average.

Beyond creating an opportunity for razzing, these shoes could also help people. Able bodied people take for granted tying their shoes. Not everybody can lean forward. Not everybody can reach all the way down to their feet. Not everybody has hands.

For people with these types of challenges, a shoe like this could close one more gap in their lives. That’s pretty cool.




No matter what, you’re gonna wait for November 28th if you’re not counting on Santa to drop these.

For collectors, there’s no question. These are a Nike-must. They’ll shove them in a box, in a dehumidified room where they’ll get pulled out to show friends at social gatherings.

The rest of us have to wonder if we want to draw the attention from a pair of kicks like this.

Our shoes, like miniature versions of our cars, say something about us. They are the embodiment of our style agenda.

Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is not whether we would wear them, but whether we can afford to change our respective minds after we’ve work them too much to return them?



The initial press on these shoes in March suggested that Nike would share a percentage of the proceeds with Michael J. Fox’s organization, the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson’s Research.

That could assuage your purchase guilt. It’s for a good cause.

Still, nothing is confirmed on that, so we will wait. Meanwhile, if you hafta-hafta have these, you can make an appointment at your local Nike outlet for November 28th. Start saving your pennies now.