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Let’s set the record straight: pain stinks. The enlightened mind accepts that pleasure is only appreciated by contrast to pain, but forget that. Pain... Quell May Get You Off Pain Meds Forever

Let’s set the record straight: pain stinks. The enlightened mind accepts that pleasure is only appreciated by contrast to pain, but forget that. Pain is a tricky son of a gun. Practitioners compare it to an iceberg, separating the visible parts from the deeper ramifications of pain.



Unlike pleasure, which unmistakable, pain can move like a phantom. Case in point: you’ve head of amputees feeling pain in limbs that aren’t there. How many times have you heard of pleasure in those same limbs? Not fair. You may stomp your feet now.

We don’t have to take this pain issue lying down. We also don’t have to take drugs to cope. In fact, now there’s a wearable for that. Quell is a non-invasive wrap that utilizes nerve stimulation to decrease patient’s pain.

It’s easy enough for anybody to use. Most importantly, it has the potential to replace drug treatments for pain with many patients because it’s effective.

Easy to Use



If you are familiar with snaps and how to recharge a device then you can use Quell.

Once charged, snap the electrodes into place, then wrap the sleeve around your upper calf and press start. It’s so lightweight and non-restricting, you can wear Quell outside the home.

You may notice relief after 15 minutes, but some users report wearing the device for longer before feeling relief. The battery will last for 30-40 hours on one charge.

The great thing about this product is that you can decide when you want to take it off. The only contraindications are if you wear a pacemaker, but other than that, usage is at your discretion.

In fact, you can even control Quell from your smartphone using the Quell application. It will even create reports on your sleep and usage so you can track your results.

No Dope



Quell relieves pain in the legs, from hips to toes, but also in the back, including arthritis and nerve pain. It does this without the use of drugs.

You may continue to take your pain relief medication while you use Quell, but over time you may decide to decrease or eliminate those doses. This is huge, especially for patients who find that medications nauseate or disorientate them.

For patients recovering from addiction, taking pain medication is a difficult decision. Quell may be the solution allowing them to live their lifestyle without compromise.

The technology is similar to what you may have experienced using a TENS machine. Quell is similar but more focused, and they would argue, more effective.


The proof is in the pudding. In this case, the pudding, er, Quell is 81% effective for chronic pain.

Where other solutions are either cumbersome part of Quell’s effectiveness is its portability. It doesn’t force you to change your lifestyle to find relief. It’s not magic.

Quell taps into your body’s natural pain relief response. It works with this system to block pain signals, giving your whole body relief.



This is one wearable that straddles the health and lifestyle aspects of wearables.

While we can speak from personal usage, the numbers all point to an effective product. A quick search of Google for effectiveness for pain relievers demonstrates just how low the bar is.

If Quell can deliver as promised, then we’ll be ordering ours soon. In case you’re wondering, $250 is the current price. That’s not bad if you add up the money spent in one household on pain medication in one year.