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In the endless search for the perfect night of rest, one group of investors believes they have a solution. They’ve created a wrist-worn wearable... The Sleepman Wearable Never Sleeps so You Can Rest Better

In the endless search for the perfect night of rest, one group of investors believes they have a solution. They’ve created a wrist-worn wearable designed to help you maximize your sleep. It’s only just launched on Kickstarter, but if they are successful, wearers will get more out of their horizontal hours.



Think of it this way…

What if you had a personal assistant whose only job was to watch you sleep? He would wake your at the exact right time every morning, keep you from dozing at the wrong time during the day and help you catch up with perfect naps?

What if you only had to pay him once at the beginning for this work, then he would be there all the time helping you stay safely rested?

They call it Sleepman. As they say, Sleepman never sleeps.

Corrects Your Wake-up Time



Most folks know that the human body goes through various cycles of sleep, something about REMs and such, but did you know there are better times for you to wake?

Depending on where you are in those cycles, your night of rest can feel satisfactory or leave you feeling unrested. Sleepman promises to take the guesswork out of this process. Utilizing your unique bio-signals, the device will wake you at the peak of your rest.

The body, apparently, produces electro-dermal activity, which is the bio-signal Sleepman intends to measure. The campaign pitch for Sleepman claims that the EDA signals can be measured without interrupting your sleep, without you wearing a headband.

Of course, there’s an algorithm involved, but the short version of things is the Sleepman determines where you are in your sleep. The goal is to wake you when you are lightly asleep, not when in a deep sleep as standard alarms often do.

Prevents Dozing While Driving



A device that wakes you up as your head is nodding is probably too late to save you from that oncoming 18-wheeler. Sleepman, instead, dips into that EDA data to warn you in advance of fatigue.

Via lights and vibrations it will advise you to pull over and get some rest before continuing. Of course, nothing about this wearable will force you to pull over. The chink in the armor is with user compliance.

It would be easy enough to try to rely on the warning as a wake up alarm or remove the band altogether because it’s a nuisance. (One would have to wonder why someone was wearing it in the first place if he did such things.)

Optimizes Your Naps



Traditionally at least, Spaniards are famous for taking siestas during the day to recharge. While this tradition may be fading in modern Spain, most people know that a good nap can restart a slow day.

The key is to get the right amount of sleep, which is somewhere between 20-30 minutes.

Like your regular sleep cycle, there are more ideal times to wake you from your sleep. Sleep too long, dropping into deeper chasms of rest, and your nap can leave you groggier than you started.

With Sleepman, your patterns are gathered through EDA signals, then you are woken up in that light rest period, in the window you’ve designated to wake.



The Sleepman comes with other bells and whistles, provided they hit their Kickstarter goals and manage the production well. Considering they just launched and are halfway to their goals, the outlook is promising.

With the device, there is an attachment for sleep enhancement, plus software to give you charts on the aforementioned bio-signals.

The product is close enough to ready that early backers can expect to see a product before the holidays. By 2017, you could be enjoying the benefits of your own sleep assistant. 2017 could be the year for you to make it all happen.

Here is the full product video: