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Here’s one you haven’t hear about yet, but you’ll want to know all about it. We first head about this in the Telegraph UK.... You’ll Want to Update Your Passport for Immersion Fitness

Here’s one you haven’t hear about yet, but you’ll want to know all about it. We first head about this in the Telegraph UK. Immersion fitness is the caveman’s workout. It’s Parkour meets wilderness.



In Immersion Fitness, participants are literally immersed into a natural environment, where they run, jump, climb, swim and do whatever it takes to complete a course.

It’s like that silly Tough Mudder your buddy ran, but for reals.

The only problem? If you want to try the real thing, you’ll need to pack a bag. The only place it’s taught is near Plymouth—the one in England—in the forest of Mordor.

[Kidding. Mordor is only found in the world of the Hobbits.]

The Basics



“Man lived as a hunter-gatherer for over 2 million years…” begins the page on their philosophy.

I had to stop reading as my eyes rolled too far back in my head. Oh boy. Another argument about how much better humans used to live. But, there was more…

Whatever the core philosophy, the workouts look awesome as all get out. Their goal was to create an outdoor experience, which was as stimulating to your senses as it was to your physical health.

That I could get behind. The training crosses through hills and valleys, using all the obstacles that nature provides.

Nigel Jenkins, the man who created Immersion Fitness intended for participants to get more than physical fitness from his stimulating workouts. He wanted them to open their perception more.

The world we live in is full of surprises. Someone who trains in Immersion Fitness would be better suited to those surprises.

The Coach



Nigel Jenkins, the man who created it, is a former British Army commando and military trainer.

In addition to his military background, Nigel hangs his hat on many fitness events like national cross country skiing, hill running, and adventure races.

The man trained in mountain and arctic warfare. It’s no wonder he thought the forest an ideal environment to train.

It’s doubtful anyone would question him, either. He’s been training in the hills for over 35 hills, according to the Immersion Fitness site.

His favorite training grounds? The hills and valleys of Dartmoor, a national park just north of Plymouth.

The Tools



If you go to Dartmoor, looking for Nigel, leave behind your yoga mat. You can also leave your lifting gloves, your weightlifting belt, and those silly wraps you bring for back day.

In Nigel’s training space, you’ll use the surrounding nature to train. Be ready to get dirty. Be ready to get wet, and uncomfortable, but from the sound of things, be ready to walk away taller.

Courses aren’t 45-minute sessions like your typical gym workout. They go from one-day to multiple day courses. Nigel won’t be counting your reps or teaching you proper form per se. He’ll be showing you how to engage with your environment, explosively or with force production.

It looks like the most fun you could have getting educated in your life.



Of course, you don’t have to fly to Merry Ol’ England to engage with your natural world. There is nothing stopping you from running out your front door right now, crossing into the nearest wilderness, then taking it on like a boss.

Keep in mind, you were not trained in the British Army (unless you were, in which case, what are you waiting for?) You’d be wise to scope out any course first, check for bad guys and natural dangers, maybe see if there’s a path.

Point being, nothing but the voices in your head are stopping yours from exercising like this…