5 Creative and Healthy Snacks for Kids

Keeping our little kiddos fed is a full time job! I always end up putting out the same snacks for my little girl such as raisins, avocado, banana or crackers. I throw her snacks in a bowl, hope she eats whatever I give her, but I am tired of the same ol’ snacks so she must be too! I have started branching out a bit and trying to get more creative to expand her palette while having some fun. Exposing your kids to as many flavors as possible at a young age will help your little ones be open to trying a variety of foods. Here are a few fun and nutritious snack ideas you might like to try out too!

(source: Pinterest)

(source: Pinterest)

1. Fruit Waffle Cones

Fruit Waffle Cones

(source: myfussyeater.com)

I don’t think just the kids are going to be eating this delicious snack. I suppose I might find a few waffle cone crumbs in my hubby’s office too! These fruit waffle cones are a wonderful snack to have after school, birthday parties or for any occasion! Get your kids involved in the cone making process! If your kids can handle a knife, get them choppin’! Your children are sure going to love this colorful treat!

2. Peanut Butter Snails

(source: pinterest)

(source: pinterest)

These make an adorable snack! Maybe you can’t get your kid to eat peanut butter or celery? Try this simple recipe out! It really doesn’t take much, you need to slice up a few apples and celery sticks, smear on the peanut butter and stick in the pretzels. If you want to skip the chocolate eyes, use raisins instead! What a cute and healthy treat!

3. Ladybug Sandwich

Ladybug Sandwich

(source: pinterest)

I can’t believe how many creative ideas there are these days! I would have gobbled these little ladybugs up as a kid! You can make these with a whole wheat bread, organic turkey or ham, olives and cheese! I think your kids are going to be saying “more please.”

4. Butterfly Snack Bag

Butterfly Snack Bag

(source: raisinglittlesuperheros.com)

This snack might flutter off your plate! Almost any kid will eat whatever you put in this creative butterfly snack bag! Try different combinations out in the bag like raisins, trail mix, granola or berries. If you have a birthday party coming up, this makes a super special surprise!

5. Owl Sandwich and A Cucumber Tree

Owl Sandwich and A Cucumber Tree

(source: beautifullybellafaith.com)

Whoo, whoo wouldn’t want to eat this? You can make this sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese, tuna or just cheese. Slice the sides of the sandwich to make the wings and a cheese triangle for a nose. Kiwis or cucumbers will work for the eyes and for the tree. Put it all together and you have created an enchanted foodie forest on your plate!