How to Completely Cover a Blemish With Makeup

When our skincare routines aren’t taking care of that pesky blemish quick enough, we must resort to makeup to cover it up until it has time to heal. While it’s best to avoid applying makeup to your blemish as much as possible so it has time to heal properly, sometimes wearing makeup is unavoidable- that’s where these steps come in.


Step one

Wash your face thoroughly using your favorite cleanser.

Step two

Apply an ice cube to your blemishes to reduce redness and inflammation.

Step three

Apply your favorite acne spot treatment, followed by your daily moisturizer.


Step four

Begin the makeup process by applying a green color correcting concealer. Pat the product over the affected areas to neutralize any redness. Be sure the product is fully blended around the edges. The green concealer works to reduce redness because green is found directly across the color wheel from red- therefore cancelling it out.

Step five

Once the color correcting product is applied, apply your favorite concealer to further blend any green hue while cancelling redness.

Step six

Apply foundation all over your face and repeat steps four and five as necessary followed by patting a small amount of foundation to the affected area to further hide acne.