The History and “Boom” of Endurance Events

Back in the day, endurance events were reserved for hard core athletes who would compete in triatholons and other events. But over the past decade or so, we have seen an explosion of more “casual” endurance events that, while difficult, can be done and completed the many more individuals than your standard triathlon. Not only are these catered to a more casual audience, they also tie in fun activities and challenges into the endurance event. Here I will talk about what could have led to this boom and some of the biggest players in the industry.

For those who look at trends and similar things, it is fairly simple to see why there has been a boom in this industry, and it all has to do with what people do for entertainment. It used to be that things like movies, rides, video games were the upper echelon of everyday entertainment (and still are to some people), but recently, “experience-based” entertainment has been all the rage. Whether it is escape rooms, these endurance events or anything in between, people are after things where they can not only observe or control the fun, but be directly involved in it as well.



Now, these endurance events can be seen as a fun time to spend with friends while achieving something together, they are also becoming a big time business. Arguably the biggest player in this space is the ToughMudder, which is a 10-12 mile long course of military style obstacles that often play on fears of the participants like water, fire, heights and more. To date, more than two million people have competed in the events and the company will soon be worth $100 Million dollars.

While I totally recommend you try out some of these events, whether ToughMudder, Spartan Race or any other in your area, remember that they are still physical events. While they may look extremely fun, it is still a good idea to train a bit and be in good physical shape before you try one of these out.