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How To Get In Shape On The Go
Do you want to get into shape? Are you, like so many others, constantly on the go, committed to your working, social and family lives? So many people struggle to match up their working and fitness goals and more often than not, it is their exercise regimes that get... Read more
Simple & Natural Ways To Soothe Your Painful Headaches
When a headache hits, there’s often no getting around it. While offsetting the symptoms of a headache which over the counter medication is relatively simple, it involves pumping your body full of artificial chemicals which, for many people, simply will not do. Luckily however, there is another way. If... Read more
3 Ways to Not Gain Weight When on Vacation
Everybody loves going on vacation. But if there is one thing that we don’t like about it, it is that most people gain a couple (or more than a couple) pounds while they are on vacation. Here are three ways you can try and keep yourself healthy an on... Read more
Can Having A Pet Improve Your Health?
Welcoming a new animal into your home is very much like gaining a member of the family. While everyone has their ideal pet, there is no argument that getting any sort of species can really brighten your day and give you something to look forward to when you come... Read more
Why Is The Sauna So Good For Your Health?
After you finish a grueling workout, what do you do? Like so many others, you might hit your nearest sauna, using the heat as a way of working out your muscle tension and relaxing after  pushing your body to the max. While using the sauna is something that many... Read more
Here Are 7 Easy Running Tips For Beginners
If you’re looking for a way in which to get into exercise, running could be it. Good for the body and even better for the heart, the activity can work out your muscles in a number of ways, helping you to find your way onto the road to fitness.... Read more
5 Ways to Ease Migraine Pain
There are very few things that are more annoying than migraines, especially ones that seemingly come out of nowhere and continue to happen often. While getting rid of them completely is a tough task, here are four ways to you can try ease and relieve that migraine pain. 1.... Read more
3 Ways Massages Are Fantastic
Getting massages is one of life’s luxuries that are often worth the money. There are many different types of modifications of massages and everyone has their favorite. If you are on the fence about shelling out a bit of money for a massage, check out these three things that... Read more
7 Reasons To Eat More Sweet Potatoes
When we’re trying to get on a health kick, there is one thing we think know for sure; carbohydrates are the enemy. For so long dismissed by those in the fitness industry as unnecessary and even unhealthy, carbohydrates have built up a bad reputation over the years and now,... Read more
4 Ways Meditation Can Help Your Body
Once disregarded among most westerners as having few real benefits for a person, meditation is getting more and more popular as people start to see just how good it can be for the body and mind. Everyone has different experiences when they deal with meditation, but here are four... Read more
Natural Ways To Remedy A Sore Throat
When it comes to seasonal coughs and colds, few symptoms are quite as uncomfortable as a sore throat. When we’re healthy, we rarely notice how many times during the day that we need to swallow but as soon as things start to go south, all hell can break loose.... Read more
The Incredible Healing Power Of Massage
How do you like to relax? Do you kick back with a book, work out your frustrations through exercise or, like so many others, indulge in a massage? While a treatment so often associated with spa days and luxury outings, massage might actually serve a wider purpose and when... Read more
3 Tips to Help Fix Your Posture
Not only is having a good and healthy posture good for your body and spine, it also conveys a better message to everyone you come in contact with. A slouching posture is never a good thing, and if you want to improve your posture, check out these helpful tips... Read more
Healthy Ways To Feel Happier, Everyday
Feeling grumpy is a way of life and while we can try to offset the mood with a mix of social ventures, new activities and traveling projects, eliminating it entirely can be a little bit more difficult. Until now, that is. Thanks to mother nature, there are a ton... Read more
4 Foods With Surprising Health Benefits
We are all aware of the fact that some foods are better than others, that is no secret. However, some foods have certain positive benefits to them that you may not expect at all. Here are a couple of those foods! 1. Chickpeas These little guys are not only... Read more
Here Are 6 Ways To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure
Feeling overly stressed? You might want to take a look at your blood pressure. Increasingly, there are more of us than ever dealing with high blood pressure and while the effects of the issue might not be felt immediately, over time, they can have a detrimental effect on our... Read more
5 Crazy Common Food Misconceptions
In the age of the internet and everyone thinking they are an expert, there are tons of opinions out there when it comes to food. Of course, some are well documented and are confirmed as being fact, but there are a number of those opinions that people hold as... Read more
3 Tips to Help You Gain Weight the Right Way
Weight loss and becoming skinnier/more toned is all the rage right now, but there are still quite a few people on the other spectrum of things. These are individuals who are trying desperately to put on weight. Now, putting on bad weight is easy as you could just eat... Read more
Sleep More Soundly With Passion Flower
Dealing with sleepless nights is something that we all go through in our life. It seems that the more we work, the less that we are able to sleep and the less that we are able to sleep, the more stressed we become. Insomnia and stress go together like... Read more
Wim Hof: If You Don’t Know, Now You Know
  You NEED to know about Wim Hof. Hof is a Dutch daredevil, but is better known by people as “The Iceman”. He was given this nick name for his ability to withstand unbelievably cold temperatures without any negative effect to his body. While many people have claimed to... Read more