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Check out these 5 cool ideas for a new breakfast! I seem to rotate eggs, toast and oatmeal throughout the week. Recently, I have... 5 Healthily Delicious Breakfast Recipes You Gotta Try

Check out these 5 cool ideas for a new breakfast! I seem to rotate eggs, toast and oatmeal throughout the week. Recently, I have been branching out of the norm to explore different recipes to kick start my morning. I sure have stumbled upon some keepers!

1. Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

breakfast bowl


This is really called an Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowl. Don’t worry guys, you can have an Inner God Raspberry Breakfast Bowl. Whatever, it’s called it is so, so good. The recipe calls for raspberries, peaches, coconut milk, chia and flax seeds. Blend up your sacred ingredients, then top off your bowl with fresh fruit, banana, granola or grated coconut. This berry bowl saves for three days and it’s a convenient breakfast when you are on the run! Put it in a mason jar and you are out the door!

2. Quinoa Breakfast Scramble



Scrambles hit the spot when you are in the mood for a warm, hearty breakfast. This Quinoa Breakfast Scramble is simply ½ cup of Quinoa, 2 scrambled eggs, ½ an avocado and some salsa! If you have a little more time, dice up spinach, fresh tomato and onion and add it to the mix! You are sure to be satisfied with this healthy breakfast.

3. Strawberry Shortcake Protein Overnight Oatmeal

protein shake


Time to get ready for berry season coming up! This Strawberry Shortcake Protein Overnight Oatmeal will make you feel like you are getting away with something! It is the perfect breakfast to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy and nutritious way. I love to wake up to this strawberry oatmeal treat! Berry delicious!

4. Healthy Cinnamon Roll Waffles



Cinnamon Roll Waffles? I’ve been looking for a healthy, yet tasty waffle or pancake recipe. Well, this is it! This recipe can be adapted to fit your gluten free or vegan lifestyle as well. I love cinnamon rolls, but only indulge in such a treat every now and then. This recipe is guilt free and your family will definitely love it!

5. Kale and Tomato Eggs Benedict



If I am going out to breakfast, any type of eggs benedict is my go to. I love this dish! I have started making kale and tomato eggs benedict at home! It is a much healthier version that what you will get ordering out. Use a whole wheat muffin and cut the fat by making a light lemon, mayo-mustard hollandaise sauce!

Buen Provecho!