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It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it even knows if you’ve been bad or good. If Santa Claus created... ActoFit Fitness Wearable Knows Everything About Your Lift 

It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it even knows if you’ve been bad or good. If Santa Claus created a fitness wearable, it would be Actofit.



The Actofit wearable is crowdfunding on Indiegogo right now. If you fear this is just another tracker to throw on the pile, consider they’re campaign funded 100% in two weeks.

This ain’t no vaporware either. The Indiegogo Trust & Safety Team certified Actofit Wearables company with a production badge. That means the folks at Indiegogo have sufficient proof to believe these guys are above board with production.

In fact, Actofit is only funding to help with production costs. They’ve already started producing devices.

We’re gonna look at how this device works, what it does, but most importantly why you should care about any of that.

How Actofit Works



In simple terms, Actofit uses sensors and machine learning algorithms to know what you’re doing.

If you must know what those sensors are, we’re talking about a 9-axis motion sensor, which means it houses a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis magnetometer.

That’s just the motion sensors. There’s also an optical heart rate sensor, plus it’s chipped for Bluetooth and NFC. We’ll come back to that last one in a bit.

The important aspect to understand in all that is that Actofit knows where it is in space, relative to your body, but also how it’s moving through space. The machine learning bit allows it to learn your specific way of moving over time, so it can deliver you-specific coaching.

What Exactly Does it Do



They managed to cram a lot of tech in this device. There’s not only enough sensors to gather more fitness data than any other wearable on the market, it functions as a watch, a notifications hub, and near field communicator (NFC).

If you aren’t familiar with NFC, it’s the technology that allows you to swipe your phone for payment. It’s also used for security access in much the same way, so one could program the Actofit wearable to grant you gym access with a swipe.

As if it were a mandate, Actofit still tracks the standard fitness data points, steps, calories, distance, activities, and sleep. It even tracks your heart rate.

The key aspects of your workout that it measures that separate it from the pack are five-fold: power, velocity, force, explosive strength, and intensity. It’s about more than knowing what lift you’re performing.

In case you’re wondering, Actofit tracks over 75 lifts as of this writing. In fact, you can teach it new lifts. More importantly, it knows how well you are doing those lifts.

Not only does it connect you to every aspect of your fitness program, it will take a dip down one meter into a pool. It’s as waterproof as the 7th generation iPhone.

No other fitness tracker does all of this in one package.

Why All That Matters



What most lifters know, but few talk about, is that barrier of strength they cannot break.

When you first start to lift, gains are rapid. As the body adapts to the new movement, you get stronger by the day. Over time those gains slow down until they are so minute most lifters accept a range of strength where they live.

It takes a precise and intense level of focus to break those levels. That’s where Actofit comes in.

The better your lifting wearable can track your movements, the better it can coach you on how to move better, how to get more from your lifts. It’s like your private fitness nerd on your wrist, squeezing every ounce of potential out of you.

What This Means



For people who wear Actofit, we’ll have to listen to them gabber on and on about their fitness tracker. Eventually, they’ll convince us to get our own. Then we’ll be that person who chatters to no end about this cool new wearable that finally helped me break through.

The nearest competitor to the wearable is the Atlas wearable. We talked about Atlas in the blog 5 Artificial Intelligences Threatening Personal Trainer Today. The Atlas is huge by comparison, but doesn’t stack up in the features department.



Other than the fact that it’s rechargeable, I was unable to find a clear answer on how long the battery would last on a charge. They say it’s a 24/7 wearable, but that doesn’t answer the question.

It all comes down to how much you make that battery work. One feature Actofit does not have is a GPS chip, which is a battery drainer, so it battery life not be a problem.

They’ve not yet settled on the cost to purchase this wearable, but the Actofit crew aims to undercut Fitbit’s price. That could spell trouble for Fitbit.

You could check out the Actofit site, or just go straight to their Indiegogo campaign. You should also watch this: