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The best rumor in wearables right now is we can blame Apple for the slowdown in sales. If there has been a slowdown in... Apple’s Watch 2 Rumor Mill Heats Up

The best rumor in wearables right now is we can blame Apple for the slowdown in sales. If there has been a slowdown in the wearables market, somebody should tell the virtual reality folks. Just sayin’.



Despite what seems to be an accelerated bad attitude in the media towards the OG-Watch, some people are waiting for Apple’s (presumed) September keynote address to make any moves.

What we expect between now and then is a slow turning of the tide. Op-ed attitudes will shift from Apple’s Watch was the dumbest thing Apple ever made to the Watch 2 is gonna be the best, I know it!

It may be too soon, but we’ve scoured the best rumors so far. This is what you can expect or not expect from Apple’s next big flop [wink].

Size Matters



The rumored size of the next Watch varies, from thinner to the same thickness, where some analysts suggest there may be two thicknesses.

One report suggests that the face of the new Watch may be thinner. If this is the case, then can we expect Apple to make a thinner Watch or a bigger battery?

Considering the number of complaints about battery life well outweighed any complaints about size, we’ll more likely see the same sized device with less recharge time.

As it is, the current Apple Watch is a little tough to navigate when working out or otherwise active.

Time for FaceTime



What seems like an obvious upgrade to the old design, one analyst report indicates there will be a front-facing camera on the new version.

While no reliable sources report the next Watch will have 3G abilities, if the intention is to use FaceTime, then we can expect some WiFi connectivity.

If there is WiFI, then it could allow wearers to leave their phone in their locker during a workout, tethering to the phone via the gym’s network.

It’s a small consolation, but worth it to not run on the treadmill with your iPhone. Of course, that’s nothing to say of locker theft.

Speed Kills



What would an upgrade be worth if there weren’t a faster version of it? A recent MacRumors update suggests the new Watch will come with a faster processor. We hope this is not at the expense of battery time.

For the most part, the evolution of processors moves toward smaller and faster, not faster and bigger. This means, not only will your next Watch process data faster, you may even run faster since it will be lighter.

Okay, that’s was a silly thing to say, but you may appreciate the value of health metrics collected by a device that thinks faster.

Where am I?



The most valuable rumor about the next ten Watch is the addition of GPS. The first round of Watch did not feature this, which cut Apple out of the picture for many runners and trekkers.

Devices like the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ demands that Apple step-up their location game.

Prior to the rumor, at least for us anyway, it was a forgone conclusion that the 2nd generation Apple Watch would come with GPS.

The next question is, will we have to use Apple’s spotty mapping application? Here’s to hoping not.

When Already?



The biggest question on everyone’s mind is, when can we finally confirm these rumors? Moreover, when can we confirm them firsthand?

It sounds like, according to DigiTimes, the parts for the new Watch are already shipping. They could release the first wave of Watches just after the September announcement.

Whatever the timing, Apple needs to stay ahead of orders. The Wall Street Journal reports that the first Watch outsold the first iPhone.

Not bad for the dumbest thing Apple ever made.



Outside of the GPS feature, which we firmly believed before the rumors, what we have yet to hear is how the Watch 2 will be the best fitness tracker to come down the pike since the Polar M600.

We also expect the next watch will be waterproof, finally, so look out all you swimming wearables. Apple is moving in on your turf.

Also, considering the move made in wearable ecosystems, it would be great to hear how the next gen Watch integrates with other devices. Doubtful that will happen, but it would be cool.

We’ll update you when we know more.