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It is, perhaps, the biggest untold story of pregnancy. Some women never recover full bladder control after childbirth. Imagine you are an otherwise healthy... Carin Restores Pre-Pregnancy Bladder Control

It is, perhaps, the biggest untold story of pregnancy. Some women never recover full bladder control after childbirth. Imagine you are an otherwise healthy young woman, just starting your family, but since your first child fearful of an accident. Believe it or not, it happens.



For some women, this problem goes away with time. Others find employing more traditional techniques for strengthening the pelvic floor help, but those methods aren’t always preferred. Nor are they necessary. Using Carin, a woman suffering from bladder control can in three months overcome those challenges.

What is Carin?



More than just another kegel system, Carin is a system designed for helping otherwise healthy women who have trouble with bladder control.

It’s underwear, it’s a wearable device, but it’s also a training program.

Created by the design-tech start-up LifeSense Group, this is their first product for the open market.

The goal was to create a product that not only assisted women in returning to a normal life, but also to put the kibosh on this taboo subject. Trying to hide the subject hasn’t worked very well.

Carin allows women to handle the issue privately, without shame.

How does it work?



The device is a small, almost figure-eight sized device, which connects to your smartphone. It snaps into a pocket in the front of Carin’s custom designed undergarments.

While you might expect those undergarments to be about as sexy as the word “undergarment,” they are more like the panties you already own. The only real difference is these house the device and absorb any accidents, as will be the case at first.

Carin produces two versions of their panties, the basic and the lace. One is more functional, the other more sexy. You can figure out which from the names.

You simply snap in the device, wear the panties as directed, then perform the guided exercises from the companion app.

What else should I know?



This one falls under the category of “it would be nice if there was a pill.”

Improved pelvic floor results from Carin can take up to three months. While that may seem like a long time to live with an embarrassing life challenge, it certainly beats a lifetime of worry.

The panties are, of course, washable, but the device is not. Not to worry as you will have to recharge the device anyway. It’s a simple USB charger you plug into your computer.

Once charged, you just sync and go. The companion app also facilitates tracking fluid intake. It works with Apple devices currently, but will work with Android in the near future.



Fellas, if you’re reading this with a mixture of feelings, join the group. Also, kudos to you for reading all the way through.

Ladies. I speak for all the men when I say, “We’re so dumb. Please try to be patient with us.”

Kidding aside, Carin is one of the most intimate lifestyle devices we’ve had the chance to review on BodyHacks. In the big scope of wearables, it’s these subtle but profound ways the wearables are changing our lives that matter to us.

Sure, new sparkly fitness trackers are fun, but this is the best part of covering wearables; the human factor.

Before you go, check out their product spot…