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For the person who has everything, the Lift charging platform wirelessly charges your Apple Watch or Pebble device suspended in the air by magic.... Charge Wearables on Floating Platform from the Future

For the person who has everything, the Lift charging platform wirelessly charges your Apple Watch or Pebble device suspended in the air by magic. Actually, it’s magnets, but it seems like magic.



It seems like your every futurist fantasy come true, except for the part where we travel everywhere in tubes.

The LIFT wireless charging station may sound like the silliest thing this side of the Hyperloop, but the creators (Levitation Works) are winning their Kickstarter campaign. They are halfway through but funded six-times over their goal.

LIFT may be a silly toy, but the design elements are cool, plus it offers a few Easter Eggs within the simple promise of charging your smartwatch… If you have any self-respect as a person of refinements, you must have this wearable charging technology.

Design Elements



Charging your smartwatch with a wire is so very un-chic. No super villain or 007 would tolerate this solution. Instead, they would use LIFT.

It’s two pieces; the base and the charger. The charger is where you strap your smartwatch. It’s the part that floats above the base.

The base is a perfect square (150mm by 150mm) carved from medical-grade ceramic in either black or white.

Levitation Works cites design inspiration from Apple and Porsche, leaning towards minimalism. Their goal was not only to create a beautiful addition to your technology collection, something of a talking piece but to create something that works well.

Easter Eggs



At a glance, you see what you get. Your Watch or Pebble straps onto the charger. The charger floats over the base, restoring the charge to your device. The end… or is it?

The charger also stores energy, working as a power bank for your watch or other devices. When you take your smartwatch from LIFT, you simply take the floating charger with you.

It stores enough power for two full charges of your watch, perfect for a weekend away. The base will also charge your smartphone, without wires, just by placing your phone on the device.

When you’re not using LIFT to power your watch or phone, you can use it as a classy floating nightlight. As one of the package options, you can add the Orb to your set-up. It’s a floating smart light, which turns on when you tap the top of it.

Levitation Works also offers a pro charging station, which will also charge your smartphone and tablet along with your watch.

Your Collection



There is nothing utilitarian about LIFT. Other than do a bang up job of charging your devices and lighting your room, it will never serve you in any other way.

Still, it will clean up that pile of charging cords you have on your desk. For $150 – $250, your could have your own LIFT charging station before the Holiday season.

It’s not a cheap accessory for your wearable collection, but these are not things with which 007 concerns himself.

Neither do you.



What’s hard to understand is why the LIFT system only works with Apple and Pebble smartwatches.

Since it can adapt to all band sizes, presumably it would work with other similar bands, but that is not suggested by Levitation Works.

They plan to ship in October, so we expect to see hacks before the end of the year.