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The world of fashion and beauty can be a crazy world to keep up with, but a way to make things a little easier for... Choosing The Right Makeup For Your Skin Tone


The world of fashion and beauty can be a crazy world to keep up with, but a way to make things a little easier for yourself is to consider choosing fashion and beauty items based on what will pair best with your skin tone.

The first step is actually determining what your skin tone is. The 3 different skin tone options are cool toned skin, warm toned skin, and neutral toned skin. Cool being undertones of blue, warm being undertones of yellow, and neutral being somewhere in between.

Look at the veins on your wrists, if your veins appear blue/purple you have cool toned skin, if your veins appear green, your skin is warm toned, if you see both blue/purple and green, you have neutral toned skin.

Hair color also has a lot to do with determining your skin tone- if you have blond, dark brown, or black hair you’re most likely to have cool toned skin, if you have red, light brown, or strawberry blonde hair, you probably have warm toned skin. As well as hair color, eye color is a large factor in determining your skin tone as well- if you have blue, green, or grey eyes, you have cool toned skin, if you have brown, hazel, or amber eyes, you most likely have warm toned skin!


If you have cool toned skin blue, purple, grey, and/or white eye makeup will accentuate your skin the best. Cool toned skin generally has a pink undertone, so to accentuate that, apply pink/purple/red blush and lipstick to finish the look. Cool skin tones generally look the best in silver/white gold jewelry will be the most flattering!

If you have warm toned skin, apply eye makeup that is either brown, camel, green, cream, etc. earth tones look amazing on you! For blush and lipstick application, use products that are coral, brown, or orange-y red to highlight your warm skin. As for jewelry, you probably look best in gold, copper, and brass.

If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, all of the color combinations mentioned above will flatter your skin, but to make it a little easier on you, consider this ‘rule-‘ if you have light colored hair and light colored eyes, choose cool toned beauty products and fashion items, if you have dark hair and dark eyes, consider sticking to warm tones when it comes to fashion and beauty.