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When your skin care regime takes just a little too long to do the job of keeping your skin looking flawless, consider introducing color... Everything You Need To Know About Color Correcting

When your skin care regime takes just a little too long to do the job of keeping your skin looking flawless, consider introducing color correcting into your daily beauty routine to temporarily fix any skin issues you may be experiencing. Color correcting may seem like new concept, but we actually learned the basics back in elementary school. A look into color theory and the color wheel will teach you the basics of complimentary colors and today, BodyHacks will teach you how to use color theory in order to improve the appearance of your skin.



Pink concealers range in undertones from red, orange, and yellow. According to color theory- red, orange, and yellow are directly across from blue, purple, and green. Because of this, we can use pink concealer to correct dark under eye circles, and to brighten the overall appearance of our skin.



Similar to pink concealer, orange concealer is most often used to cover up any dark circles and any other unwanted darkness on your skin. Orange concealers are best suited toward those with a darker complexion as it may be harder for those with fair skin to get the bright orange color to blend properly due to the contrast in color.



As yellow is across from purple on the color wheel, yellow is another great option for covering up dark under eye circles, veins, bruises and even tattoos! Yellow concealers also make a great base for eyeshadows as the yellow counteracts any unwanted color on your eyelids, making the eyeshadows you apply later brighter, more true-to-color and of course, more opaque.



Purple concealers are best known to brighten the overall appearance of your skin as it counteracts yellow tones (making it especially beneficial for those with olive undertones.) To achieve an overall brightness consider purchasing a purple tinted primer that can be applied all over your face, to spot correct any yellowness look for a liquid, or stick concealer.



Green concealer is the most common color corrector as it counteracts redness. Redness is the most common skin problem as it can be caused by inflammation, blemishes, fatigue, and more seriously, from skin conditions like rosacea. Green can also be used in the form of primer or a spot concealer to better conceal blemishes. Green concealers are also incredibly beneficial for reducing the appearance of a sunburn. If you have combination skin and you’re not sure which concealer is best for you, consider purchasing a color correcting powder that includes a combination of the colors mentioned above, this way you can set your foundation with the powder and kill 2 birds with one stone.