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Using a discrete sensor, a transmitter and a display, the latest device from Dexcom, the G5 wearable, is the most intimate type of wearable... Dexcom G5 Mobile System Sets Diabetics Free

Using a discrete sensor, a transmitter and a display, the latest device from Dexcom, the G5 wearable, is the most intimate type of wearable you can own. You wear it so close it’s under your skin. Beat that, Fitbit and Apple.



The idea of wearables below the skin may be too soon for some folks, but for the diabetic tired of repeated pricks throughout the day, a 90-day implant may be worth the hassle of going all pre-cyborg.

The G5 is exciting new technology, with real medical chops that will unburden a layer of your life so you can live a more normal existence.

Cool Tech



First of all, it’s under the skin. Whether that gives you Orwellian creepy crawlies or stokes your sci-fi fires like the announcement new Star Trek flick, you have to admit that is interesting.

The tiny implant is the front line of your glucose monitoring, but that data doesn’t go anywhere without the transmitter. The transmitter connects the sensor with your display, facilitating real-time data on your levels.

The data uploads to the cloud, so you can access it anywhere you get online. This feature also allows you to share that data with your caregivers, as you prefer.

This way you don’t have to spend your day babysitting your smartphone. The G5 system notifies you with immediate audio alerts, high or low.

Legit Medical

Whereas most wearables we cover are not FDA approved, this one is.

In fact, if you don’t have a prescription you won’t wear the G5 system. The great part is you don’t need to book a doctor visit to install the sensor. The system is all you.

You apply the sensor, a hair-thin device not much smaller than an insulin needle. You attach the transmitter, which attaches to the sensor. You take it all out then do it again in three months.

This level personal involvement is nothing new to diabetics. They’re not even strangers to pinpricks. What changes, is the cadence. Instead of countless daily pricks, it’s one every three months.

Unleashed Freedom



Forget your dreams of eating whatever you want without abandon. This isn’t that level of freedom. It’s doubtful anything ever will get us there, but there’s nothing wrong with dreams.

The G5 puts you back in the driver’s seat. No longer are you a backseat passenger in the glucose ride.

You still have to manage healthy choices, but when and if things get hairy, the G5 will let you know in advance. This beats finding out after the fact as with current testing modalities.

For one reviewer on Fast Company, who wasn’t good with the daily pricks and insulin balancing act, the G5 changed his life.



The only caveat about the G5 system is the transmitter may take some people a minute to adjust. It sticks out like half a sore thumb.

The user picks the exact location of installing the system, so depending on where that is, there may be an awareness adjustment period.

Albeit survivable, the last thing you would want to do is snag the little transmitter, yanking it out. Other than that, you live a more normal life.

For people adjusting to the newness of diabetes, this may be just what they need.

If you would like, you may find information on Dexcom’s site.