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Every few months, a new health product hits the market, promising to make us stronger, more focused and full of energy and while many... Does Bulletproof Coffee Make You Smarter?

Every few months, a new health product hits the market, promising to make us stronger, more focused and full of energy and while many of us are taken in by early claims, very few of them actually pay off in the long run. With Bulletproof Coffee, however, there was something different. Hitting the market not only as a way in which to increase productivity but also, aid weight loss, Bulletproof Coffee seemed like it might be the real deal, with countless numbers of health fanatics singing its praises from the rooftops.


Recently, however, the brand has gone one further in their attempt to take over the health food market and now, marketers have released statements that not only will drinking Bulletproof coffee make you skinnier but also, will improve your level of intelligence.

With such bold claims, the brand has set itself up for a lot of questions and despite many people believing that such a feat could not possibly be true for a caffeinated drink, the brand are holding true to their claims. The question is, of course, what proof do they have that drinking their coffee can actually make you smarter?

The Bulletproof Diet, named by the company, claims to eliminate toxins from other food sources (including traditional coffee) which might reduce the performance level at which your brain is capable of functioning. Following the diet also restricts the amount of carbohydrates that you consume, causing your liver to convert any fats that you eat into a source of energy which, in turn, helps your brain to maintain the health of essential synapses. The healthier your synapses are, the more effectively your brain can function. On top of all this, the company states that simply by drinking Bulletproof coffee in the morning, you boost your liver’s ability to break down fats into energy, helping your brain’s health further. As well as this, you can experience the caffeinated boost of a “normal” cup of coffee, an effect that many of us know and love already.


Elsewhere in the health industry, however, feedback from the product hasn’t been quite so positive. Many experts have warned consumers not to rely on the diet  as the only way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, nutritionists have claimed that while the caffeine from the product can increase levels of productivity and “alertness” in the short term, prolonged use might lead to nutrient deficiency by cutting out essential food groups from your diet. Starting your morning with a coffee might help to boost your productivity but rely on the drink and lifestyle as a long term diet plan, and you might end up feeling all the worse.

On the whole, the feedback from the drink and diet has been neither good nor bad. While founder Dave Asprey claims that drinking Bulletproof coffee will revolutionize your diet, others claim that you would be just as well off following a traditionally healthy diet and using the coffee merely as a pick-me-up. Bulletproof coffee will help to wake you up and increase your motor functions – like any other caffeinated drink. Will it make you significantly smarter? The jury is still out on that one.