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Launched recently on Indiegogo, Elf Emmit (pronounced alf-émit) promises to help you relax wherever you want. This isn’t the first device we’ve looked at... Elf Emmit Will Put a Steering Wheel on Your Mind

Launched recently on Indiegogo, Elf Emmit (pronounced alf-émit) promises to help you relax wherever you want.



This isn’t the first device we’ve looked at for managing stress, but this is the first one that works in this specific way.

By emitting pulses at frequencies your brain associates with more relaxed states, the Elf Emmitt proposes to help you return to this relaxed state when using the device. Pretty high-tech sounding, huh? Maybe not.

It seems this science is nothing new, according to the team working on Elf Emmit. Stress too is nothing new. We just keep rebranding it, adding to the stresses of the generation before us.

It is no secret that stress is linked to many other illnesses, even death. The World Health Organization (WHO) cites stress as one of many contributors to health risks in the workplace, giving rise to other unhealthy habits like smoking.

Following this, it stands to reason that wearables are now trying to solve the stress dilemma. We think Elf Emmitt is only the beginning.

We’re going to cover what it is exactly, how it works, and how you could potentially use it.

What is it?



The Elf Emmit looks like a very simple set of headphones, which sit on the back of your head, passing over your ears. It is a wired device, connecting to your smartphone in the same way a pair of headphones connects.

The goal for Elf Emmit is to synchronize your mind and body, which are often at odds when trying to accomplish tasks. If you are stressed, Elf Emmit will emit more relaxed frequencies to calm you, even if you are chronically stressed. It can also help you focus.

It’s designed to either calm and focus you whenever you need it, including when you are awake or when you are trying to go to sleep.

In some contexts, it may even help you stay awake.

How does it work?



Elf Emmit contains an electromagnetic coil, which allows it to emit extra-low frequency pulses similar to the ones your body already produces.

The low-frequency pulses target the part of your brain called the cerebellum, inviting it to synchronize with the emitted wavelength. The technical name for this is pulsed electromagnetic technology.

Elf Emit produces pulses from 0.2 Hz up to 19 Hz; frequencies within the normal range produced by your body already. While it sounds really technical, it’s not.

In more simple terms, there are five wavelengths used by the human brain:

  1. Gamma
  2. Beta (concentration)
  3. Alpha (anti-stress/deep learning)
  4. Theta (meditation)
  5. Delta (sleep)

Elf Emmit stimulates your brain emitting the wavelength for the desired outcome.

This technology is nothing new. It’s used in different therapies for the human body, but Elf Emmit is the first device that drops this technology into a portable device.

You simply put it on your head, plug it into your phone, then select the desired outcome, going about your activity.

How can you use it?



This is a lifestyle wearable, mostly, but that’s painting with broad strokes. In reality, you can use Elf Emmit however you see fit.

It can be your I-need-to-sleep-right-now device if you can’t calm your mind. It can also be your I-really-need-to-focus device if your mind is distracted.

Meditators will love the Theta setting, which controls mental processes. It could be said, Elf Emmit lets you take back control of your brain, without drugs or medication.

For those of us whose brains always seem to be elsewhere, this could be the miracle we seek. Because it’s portable, it can go with you anywhere.

Elf Emmit is also nearly invisible when you’re wearing it. You can leverage its technology in just about any setting without looking like a cyborg.



We cover some pretty interesting wearables, but this one is definitely something else. The real test will be how the market responds.

The promises for Elf Emmit, admittedly, sound logical but too good to be true. Who wouldn’t like the chance to put a leash on his mind from time to time?

If they are successful, and we hope they are, the world will be their oyster. Nobody else is promising this. The scope of application is so broad, from mental health issues to everyday people, it’s hard not to cheer for these guys with both fists in the air.