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LASIK is also called laser eye surgery or laser eye vision correction. It is a refractory procedure done to correct myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia.... Why More People Are Choosing LASIK for Perfect Vision

LASIK is also called laser eye surgery or laser eye vision correction. It is a refractory procedure done to correct myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. Vast numbers of people are using LASIK to fix their vision because it has been shown to improve long-term visual acuity. [1]

Laser eye surgery is usually done by an ophthalmologist using a laser or microtone. The procedure involves shaping the cornea of the eye to improve visual acuity. It is a perfect or maybe a better alternative for contact lenses or glasses. [1]

Together with photorefractive keratectomy and LASEK, they represent advances of radial keratotomy in the management of refractive disorders of vision. [1] As of 2018, around 9.8 million people had undergone LASIK in the U.S. Globally, around 40 million procedures had been performed between 1991 and 2016. [1]

LASIK is very affordable and can enable you to save a lot of money compared to other remedies. For instance, you can acquire disposable contacts at a cost between $30-$70 per box. On the other hand, a pair of prescription glasses goes at $212. Choosing LASIK reduces eye-related expenses, and therefore, with LASIK, you can save your hard-acquired money for other expenses. [2]

We should all understand that any surgical procedure carries potential advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits of LASIK outweigh its pros, which are also not life-threatening and manageable.

Advantages of LASIK

LASIK Uses Precise Technology

LASIK uses accurate technology to treat vision problems; thus, it has very high success rates. The precision of the procedure is enhanced by the application of computer-guided lasers to ensure every step is very accurate and harmless. [3]

The main reason why LASIK uses laser technology is that the tissues causing vision problems are tiny. LASIK also individualizes patient intervention. Individualization is necessary because we don’t have similar eyes; thus, each case should be approached differently depending on the need. The slight variation in your eyes will make your vision problem different from another person. [4]

The reason why many people are choosing LASIK is due to its ability to account for eye variances. Other remedies like glasses and contact only account for shortsightedness, astigmatism, and long-sightedness. This is why you can have the same prescription glasses with someone, but your vision disturbances are more troublesome. You need to address a specific issue in your eye; thus, LASIK will be of great significance. [5]

Before undergoing a LASIK procedure, your ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) will create an individualized plan. The plan usually includes creating a map of your cornea to enhance your understanding of its shape.

LASIK also has many procedures and technologies. Each of these surgical procedures and technology is tailored towards managing specific or unique visual disturbances in the client. [E]

A LASIK Surgery Procedure Takes a Very Short Time

A standard LASIK surgery takes less than 30 minutes from the beginning to the end. The surgeon will only need ten minutes to operate on your two eyes (five minutes each). Furthermore, you don’t need to be worried about preparing for general anesthesia since you will be awake during the procedure. Surgeons only use local anesthesia to inhibit pain. [4]

Doctors also give anxiolytics (drugs for lowering anxiety) to help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. This medication will also make the procedure ‘look’ very short.

Rapid Recovery

Recovery following LASIK surgery is straightforward and is free of complications. In addition, recovery is not demanding. The recovery guidelines are;

  • Rest on the day of surgery
  • Visit your doctor for evaluation the next day. The visit is meant to ensure recovery and healing are not complicated.
  • You can resume most activities shortly after surgery, but you should avoid strenuous exercises for at least a week.

You can resume work after two days of rest with better eye vision.

Minimal or No Adverse Effects

No surgery is free from adverse effects; thus, patients who undergo LASIK may develop mild symptoms that usually disappear after a few days [4]. The most common side effects of LASIK include:

  • Drying of the affected eye or eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light or photophobia (photophobia)
  • Halos
  • Starbursts

Even though the symptoms cause irritation and discomfort initially, many patients agree that the discomfort is worth the result. The surgery has a satisfactory success rate (96%); therefore, it is one of the most successful elective surgery procedures. [4]

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LASIK is Affordable

Despite LASIK being a quality of life-changing procedure, it is surprisingly affordable. According to statistics from All About Vision, the average cost of LASIK is $2088 per eye. However, the specific cost of LASIK depends on:

  • The type of LASIK procedure
  • The location of the procedure

Most patients usually spend less than $5000 regardless of the type and location of the procedure. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cater for LASIK because they do not consider it an elective but cosmetic surgery. Since the goal of LASIK is to achieve optimal and affordable health care, most Ophthalmologists provide favorable financing and payment options and plans. [2]

You can use a Flexible Spending Account that allows you to put part of your salary away for your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Suppose you have a high-deductible health plan, you can save it in your Health Savings Account.[5]

It is essential you research thoroughly before you choose a surgeon. Do not choose a surgeon because of their cost. Take your time choosing reputable, knowledgeable ophthalmologists in your locality. Compare their costs before you choose the final surgeon.

Some insurance companies can take payment for LASIK; thus, it is essential to inquire. In addition, some may not pay for LASIK, but they may have plans to help you reduce the cost of LASIK. Regardless of the amount of money you will have to pay, you will be satisfied with the result in the end. [2]

In summary, many people choose to prefer LASIK due to the safety of the procedure, cost, and the quick and uncomplicated recovery it produces. The procedure also produces excellent results in most patients.