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Nixon, no stranger to watches, just dropped their new rugged smartwatch aimed at snowboarders and surfers. It’s a rugged beast, loaded with goodies for board... Nixon Mission is the SmartWatch for Boarders Who Don’t Love Apple

Nixon, no stranger to watches, just dropped their new rugged smartwatch aimed at snowboarders and surfers. It’s a rugged beast, loaded with goodies for board sports enthusiasts. Is it the right fit, though?



It’s no longer news that the new Apple Watch 2 packs GPS into a waterproof design. That said, it’s an Apple device. There is yet no support for Android with Apple’s Watch OS.

Not the case with Androidwear, but the truth is users should color within the lines of their OS for now. It’s an ugly world for watch APIs.

Meanwhile, if you are an Android users who likes to carve up hills and waves, then the Nixon Mission may be worth your time. [Pun shamelessly intended.]

It’s a doozy for design, but brings some lovely features to the table, and will go with you everywhere.




It’s big, like really big. If you’re thin-wristed, this may not be the watch for you.

If you do have a thin wrist but like your watches to dwarf your hand, then plan on training your one bicep every time you wear the Mission. It’s 48 mm across its round face, set into a stainless steel case.

The look is customizable, with custom straps and 12 bezel options. They call that bezel a roll-cage bezel, designed to protect the face of your smartwatch. The glass is gorilla glass, but you could still scratch it if you try.

There is a mic on the side, which is covered by a little flap to maintain the waterproof rating. Leave that door open to let in water.

Customization extends to the watch back and the face. You have a number of interesting icons available for the back or you can inscribe a message instead.

The face has more options than any one person will need, so your Mission is sure to be unique.




Yes, the Mission has GPS. It also brags Bluetooth 4.1 and the fact that it’s waterproof to 100 meters.

You have access to apps like Google Maps, Google Play, Google Fit, and weather, but forget those silly apps.

You also get snow reports, tide updates, and more from the Mission app, not to mention whatever else you add from the Adroidwear store. It will send you alerts as you prefer, to let you know about swells or snowfall.

The device has the ability to measure many aspects of nature, with a thermometer. barometer, altimeter, compass and humidity sensor.

It will also let you know where you are in space per the accelerometer and gyro-meter.




Because Nixon designed Mission to take extreme cold or heat and water, it can go with you just about anywhere. It may be a little chunky to pass inspection in the board room, but you can wear it everywhere else.

Battery life lasts two days, but if you’re running GPS, don’t expect it to go far without a charge. Better you just use GPS during action moments.

In all other cases, you’ll likely have your phone to tell you where you are on the planet.

For the size alone, this would not be our first choice for a running watch, but technically it will work for tracking distance and route. You would be unwise to take this watch diving, even though it states it will go deep.

We think this would make a good watch for skateboarders too, considering the rugged built. Why not? Skateboarding is the red-headed step child of board sports.

Hikers should stick to watches like the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ or the TomTom Adventurer.



Nixon is smart to market their new smartwatch at a demographic. Swatch did the same thing with Volleyball with decent success.

Sports fans like to wear gear identifying their passions when off the field. This alone can drive sales and brand, maybe buy time and audience for future devices.

Keep going, Nixon.