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The plane by PowerUp Toys isn’t 100% paper, but the experience of flying it is as close as you can get to a flying... OMG You Guys This Mind-controlled Paper Airplane Is Like Flying

The plane by PowerUp Toys isn’t 100% paper, but the experience of flying it is as close as you can get to a flying dream without sleeping. The best part about this sweet little piece of tech is that you can control its path of motion by tilting your head. It’s basically mind controlled.



Before you scream click bait at your screen, lemme ‘splain.

The kit contains a VR viewer, which gives first-person POV of the flight. To change your flight path you tilt your head. You have to use your mind to tilt your head.

I never said you can control the plane with your thoughts.

The PowerUp FPV is the coolest wearable toy we’ve reviewed since the Supersuit. Compared to that toy, the FPV a simple design with a more rewarding and peaceful experience.

It’s the subtle tech buried in this toy that may give you sticker shock. Tiny parts that don’t break are expensive. So worth it.

Simple Design



What impresses us the most about the PowerUp FPV is how they’ve woven modern technologies into a timeless concept: the paper airplane.

There’s nothing clunky about it. Other than the propellers, there are few moving parts to the PowerUp FPV, so there’s less to worry about with breaking. Nothing is indestructible, but we believe this plane will take a beating.

In the box you receive a Google Cardboard viewer, but who cares about that… you could make your own in a pinch. The gem in this toy is the carbon fiber and nylon motor for the plane.

They’ve designed the motor assembly to be lightweight but indestructible. On the front end is a crash proof bumper. The body behind that nose looks a tiny Dustbuster.

There’s wide angle VGA camera mounted above the nose, which you’ll use to navigate your flight. Trailing behind the motor are twin-propellers, which give your plane thrust.

This assembly won’t fly alone. You must add the paper airplane part. The package comes with some to get you started, but we presume you could get creative if you want. The stock airplane plans include two designs, one for less skilled fliers, and the other for those who’ve logged more hours.

Peaceful Experience 



You’ll need to pull up the view on your phone via the Google Cardboard app, then mount it into the viewer. Strap it onto your face and for ten tranquil minutes, you’ll soar like a bird.

You could view the experience raw on your smartphone screen if you prefer, controlling it with a standard touchscreen controller, but why would you do that?

Fly your plane in a first person vantage, with tilts of your head just like navigating in a dream, you control the pitch, yaw, and roll.

The plane travels 300-feet before you lose connection. With only 10-minutes in the air, you will want to make sure you’ve got additional batteries ready to hot swap for an immediate takeoff. Yes, they sell a backup battery pack.

Who needs meditation when you can fly?

Subtle Technology



The body of the motor is carbon fiber and nylon. This construction keeps the plane from dying the first time you crash, but it also protects the chips housed inside.

The PowerUp FPV offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The brain of the plane has something they call Flight Assist technology, which makes flying it easier, something like how a steady cam makes filming easier.

You can rotate the nose-mounted VGA camera before launch. Otherwise, you’ll have to turn the direction of the plane to look around.

Sticker Shock



Here’s the rub: It’s $200 for the package.

Right now they are in pre-order, so no telling if it will go higher. Orders ship this month.

In our opinions, it’s worth every penny. You will forget the money you spent the first moment you take flight, promise.

The PowerUp Toys site has more information on this and other accessories. Meanwhile, chew on this video.