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The saying goes that the best way in which to enjoy life is to take it all in. Days pass by in a flurry... Could Slow Food Be Better For Your Health?

The saying goes that the best way in which to enjoy life is to take it all in. Days pass by in a flurry of activities, meetings and jobs, weeks flash past in the blink of an eye and before you know it, another year has passed in its entirety. There’s a good reason why you should step back to smell the roses, however, and it’s all to do with your health.


Living life on the go is all part and parcel of the modern experience but after time, its effects can have a detrimental effect on the state of your body and mind. While you might not be able to change the way in which you go about your working life, you can switch up the way you fuel your day by taking a slower approach to the way you eat your food.

Since its creation, the slow food movement has been on the rise and now, it is associated with a mindful eating trend that is taking over the health market. Just how can it benefit your health, though? From the moment that you start to prepare food, your body gets ready for digestion, producing enzymes that help the internal process. Just a whiff of a cooked meal can get your body working more efficiently, giving it a longer time in which to break down foods. The more slowly a meal is cooked, the higher the quantity of digestive enzymes that you will produce.


There’s more to slow food that smelling, however, and when it comes down to the actual eating, it pays to take your time about it. Pacing yourself when you eat can not only result in lower levels of stress within your body but also, can result in you consuming fewer calories over the course of a meal. Numerous studies have shown that it takes our brain roughly 20 minutes to register when it is full. The more slowly that you eat, the less that you will take in before you’ve had your fill!


Stress reducing, calorie cutting and health enhancing, slow food can really change the way in which you eat and approach your diet so the next time you eat, try taking your time about the whole thing. Your body might just thank you for it.