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If you’re still wound up from Body Hacking Con or bummed you didn’t make it, don’t freak out. There’s an even bigger event coming... You Have Time To Plan For The Biohacking Summit In Stockholm

If you’re still wound up from Body Hacking Con or bummed you didn’t make it, don’t freak out. There’s an even bigger event coming up in Stockholm, Sweden: The Biohacker Summit.

It’s gonna be all about, you guessed it, hacking the human body. This will be the fifth event by the same organizers. If nothing else, it makes a cool excuse to visit Stockholm in the spring.

The site for the event defines biohacking as such: “…the art and science of optimizing and maximizing your wellbeing and performance with biological and technological tools.”

The Biohacker Center, a Finnish group, organized the Biohacker Summit. They’ve even created a handbook for biohacking.

What is a Biohacker

As defined by the Biohacker Center, a biohacker, ”sees his or her body as a complex system that can be probed, analyzed, understood, and put under the test.” So far, so good.

They go on to say that, “Such controlled experimentation can be used to pursue self-development and deeper self-understanding.”

In other words, if you want to see the greatest potential of your body, this is the place to find out what all that could mean.

What most of us think of is cybernetic implants, but biohacking could start as simple as considering the way you eat or how you sleep to perform better. These are entry-level hacks, but one has to start somewhere.

Not everyone is ready for the cranial antenna. (Yeah, that thing’s attached to his brain.)

What To Expect If You Go

There are five themes of the event, mind, work, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Where these aspects meet is where you have an opportunity to hack.

You’ll have the chance to listen to international leaders in technology, medicine, along with digital health pioneers talk about improving and extending your life.

There is a playground area, where participants can try out wearables and biohacking equipment, not unlike Body Hacking Con.

If you pay for the upgrade ticket, they will allow you into the upgraded dinner, a six-course dinner which utilizes aspects of nutritional hacking for improved nutrient absorption while still yummy.

What’s The Best Way To Go?

You have options. You could buy a ticket to attend like most folks. If you think you have a product or an idea that would go well with this event, you can apply to join the list of vendors.

Alternatively, there are volunteering options for the event, which is nice if you are short on cash.

Also, consider, the cost to fly to Stockholm is not included in your ticket to the event. Those tickets are at the early bird special price right now, around $250 using my Google currency converter. Prices on the site are in Swedish Krona.

The event is May 19th at the Epicenter in Stockholm. The complete list of events they’ve not yet finalized, so you’re gonna have to make this decision on past events.

After thumbing through them, it looks like about what one would expect. There are experts from a wide range of fields in the five areas mentioned earlier. There will also be a ton of vendors.

When the whole thing is over, you could plan to explore Stockholm, which is lovely in the spring. The holiday crowds are light and everything is blooming.