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The VyLyV, pronounced ví-liv, wearable is a pair of compression shorts loaded with tech that may help men strengthen their pelvic floor. In case you... VyLyV Helps Men Stay… Ahem, Active

The VyLyV, pronounced ví-liv, wearable is a pair of compression shorts loaded with tech that may help men strengthen their pelvic floor. In case you don’t know, the pelvic floor is like a toolbox, filled with many tools. Similar to the benefits of pelvic floor strengthening exercises for women, the ramifications go beyond better intimacy.



The problem for men is more than one thing. Not only do more men suffer from pelvic floor control issues than want to admit it, even for those that would admit they need help, they don’t know where to get it.

“Kegels for men,” as a marketing approach, just doesn’t sell. Most solutions involve embarrassing or worse, boring solutions. For this reason, the folks at VyLyV created the VyLyV system.

There are several compelling reasons men should value a healthy pelvic floor, but just as many of them may consider the VyLyV system for strengthening that floor to live a healthier and better life.

Your Pelvic Floor



There is more than one reason to maintain a strong pelvic floor. This is the muscle which sits like a hammock at the bottom of your guts, just above your pelvic bone.

The contraction of this muscle connects to many aspects of your health. It’s the floor of your abdominal core. Flexing it during work, particularly lifting loads, keeps your internal mass from pressing down.

This makes you stronger during your lifts, but also protects your body from traumas like an intestinal hernia.

The pelvic floor contributes to control of your bladder but also helps control the pressure on your anal and urinary sphincters. Most importantly, a healthy pelvic floor allows for smooth blood flow to a tool men cherish above all others.

The VyLyV System



From the outside, VyLyV looks like a pair of compressions shorts, almost like the shorts competitive cyclists wear. In fact, if you were cycling around your hood, you could wear VyLyV without anyone batting an eyelash.

Seated in the quadriceps are two sliver-shaped dongles, similar to what we’ve seen in other wearable clothing. Each one drops into a little pocket, then snaps into place so they don’t move.

The function of the dongles is to measure the movement of your pelvic floor, transmitting that data to your smart device via the companion app.

The specificity goes so far as to measure left over right side movement. This is how the VyLyV system games your pelvic control.

That’s right. The companion app includes a game where you can activate one side over the other to play a game on your smartphone.

A Life Upgraded



For the man who must have everything, including precision control over his… pelvic floor, VyLyV puts the cherry on top, so to speak.

Don’t anticipate FDA approval anytime soon, but if you are a man who worries about control of business downstairs, it may be worth it. There is no shortage of data to support the value of pelvic floor development for all the reasons listed above.

True, you don’t need the VyLyV to increase the strength of your pelvic floor, but you also don’t need a gym to workout or a kitchen to prepare food. You don’t need a lot of things that fit into your life’s rites of passage.

Those rites serve a purpose. They are the formal platform from which you stage your workout or holiday meals. They serve as the environments where you get better.



In a world with no shortage of tech products aimed at men, this one is well directed. Sadly, despite over 100% funding on Indiegogo, we suspect fewer men will give this technology the time of day than  should do.

VyLyV leverages the sexual benefits of their product, but speaking from the fitness side of the house, the pelvic floor is no joke.

If I had a dime for the number of men I’ve spoken to with pelvic floor related issues in the gym (bad backs, hernias, hemorrhoids, and more) I could have retired ten years ago.

This could be the wearable that helps men stop injuring themselves.