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Sometimes you gotta rock. Inspiration could strike anywhere, but dragging around your drum kit or guitar amp is not always convenient. Air guitar is... Wearables Will One Day Replace Musical Instruments

Sometimes you gotta rock. Inspiration could strike anywhere, but dragging around your drum kit or guitar amp is not always convenient. Air guitar is just only so satisfying. If there were only some way we could compose music on the go without the need to carry around all that gear.



The answer is wearables. Devices hidden on our bodies in various places will close all the lifestyle and health gaps we never knew needed closing.

With wearables, you will have the ability to play like Eddie Van Halen wherever you may roam.

What follows are three wearable devices which are crowdfunding right now or recently end their campaign. These aren’t vaporware either. All three have fully funded.

Rest assured you are not alone in your need to rock on the roll. Get in on the ground floor and you could scoop up some very cool lifestyle technology at a good price.

Kurv Guitar

No strings attached, as they say, Kurv is the air guitar aficionado’s dream come true. It’s two small, smooth pieces of black plastic.

One slides into your left hand, facilitating chord creation or soloing. The other is the pick, allowing you to strum or pick at the… well, strings.

The left-hand part is customizable, with eight positions for notes. With different flicks of your wrist, you can switch from notes to chords, change the octave or create a vibrato effect.

You could use Kurv just to rock out or compose on the go. It has three different guitar options, acoustical, electrical, and bass.

As of this writing, they’ve funded Kurv to 164% of their Indiegogo target, which means it’s go-time if you want in on the ground level.

They ship before the end of the year, so by this time next year, you could rock anywhere in the free world.


As Shakespeare once mused, “Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?” There is no doubt what the name of these pants implies. You will drum on your pants.

DrumPants ran a such a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, they’re now on version 2.0. They are your perfect companion to the Kurv.

If you’re a Kurv guitarist, take out a Craigslist ad to find someone who rocks the DrumPants. Now you have a rock duo, just like Tenacious D.

Since manufacturing actual pants is a complicated process,  the makers of DrumPants designed the product as an insert, which fit into any pair of pants. There’s even a shoe insert, for that kick drum effect.

The pants insert adds two different MIDI triggers to each leg, so all told you can create six different triggers. From the companion app, you can change the sound of each drum. They are customizable as you prefer.

You can wear them outside your clothes or under, whatever you like. Either way, people are gonna stare at you drumming away on the subway. You don’t care. You were doing it before DrumPants even existed.

The only bad news? DrumPants are so successful they are currently sold out. You have to get on the waitlist. Totally worth the wait.

Remidi T8

We don’t need no stinking keyboards.

Remidi T8 rounds out your Kurv-DrumPants power trio with synth sounds as good as any MIDI player out there. The possibilities are, for lack of a better word, endless.

Listening to the demo, the first thing that comes to mind is Daft Punk.

The T8 is two gloves, with an attached bracelet on each glove. There are eight pressure-sensitive spots on both gloves. The bracelet allows you control the sounds they produce, but you can also make tweaks by the way you apply pressure.

Your hands produced sounds when the pressure points make contact with any surface, but you can modulate those sounds by moving or twisting your wrist.

With your headphones and your smartphone, you can compose or remix anywhere.

The battery life is five-ten hours, connects via Bluetooth or wire. You can buy Remidi from their Indiegogo page or from their site.

You’ll drop $349 for a solo glove or $669.00 for the duet. If you like to make music, we think these are worth every penny.



While analog will always hold a special place in our hearts, if the endless fanbase for DJ music is any indication, there is a home for digital sound. For traveling performers, making that technology more portable is only a bonus.

There’s nothing more portable than musical instruments you can wear onto the tour bus. We’re so gonna rock.