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Woolf may just what riders need most, freeing up their attention. It also happens to look pretty cool. The Woolf wristband is a leather... Woolf Wristband is Wearable Every Biker Must Own

Woolf may just what riders need most, freeing up their attention. It also happens to look pretty cool.



The Woolf wristband is a leather banded wearable that notifies bikers of imminent speed controlled zones . It may be the best chance they have to ride with better safety.

The good news? The team behind Woolf just met their Kickstarter goals.The question on the table isn’t whether or not Woolf has value, but if the investors can get them manufactured.

The Skully helmet met their financial goals. It solved so many of the concerns bikers face. The futuristic helmet was bound for greatness and heroism, but then the company fell apart before they shipped.

Can Woolf get off the assembly line, into the shipping box?

Juggling on two wheels 



Think of it this way: Juggling is a skill. There’s a good chance you know someone who can pick up three balls to juggle them.

Of that group, only a few can juggle four balls. Chances are you maybe know one person who can do this. Now, throw that person a well-sharpened knife and you’ve entered the world of operating a motorcycle rider.

It’s not for everybody.

Filtering information on two wheels is exponentially harder than in an enclosed vehicle on four wheels. Unpredictabilities in a car, like another car swerving or a tire blowout, is manageable without too much danger.

On a bike, those variables can be lethal. For this reason, riders focus on their surroundings. Things like speed are pesky, even dangerous to manage. Looking at the speedometer means looking away from the road, which can be enough time to wreck.

Woolf aims to help.

Helping via simplicity



Whereas Skully aimed to do so much (maybe too much?) Woolf does one thing well. Using modern mapping technology, combined with GPS data, Woolf measures the speed of riders.

As riders approach speed controlled zones, the band vibrates with increased intensity. The frequency of the vibrations collaborates with the rider to communicate upcoming stretches of road where he needs to slow.

The pitch from Woolf is that riders can avoid fines, suspensions and the like, but the most obvious benefit is safety.

The places where speed is more meticulously measured, are usually so designated for a reason. There may be a school crossing, dangerous intersection or otherwise valuable reason to slow down.

The genius of Woolf is the use of notifications to communicate with subtlety.

Utilizing a light or alarms could be distracting, but a gentle vibration on the wrist is subtle. It’s like someone touching your arm to politely interrupt a conversation.

Fitting the style



It’s no secret, motorcycles are all about personal identity, more so than cars. A rider connects to his bike as tightly as his perceptions of himself.

The fashion of riders varies from sport bikes to cruisers (and everything between) but there is one constant: leather.

Sure, Woolf’s creators could have gone with traditional wearable silicone. It’s stretchy, waterproof, rugged, but it’s not very “biker.”

The Woolf rocks waterproof leather. Pictured colors are black and brown, but we imagine those options will expand in time.

It’s a one size fits all design, thin enough to fit underneath a tight-fitting jacket, loose enough to keep the blood flowing.



The fine for speeding in the United States can go as high as $1000 or even jail time. They may confiscate your bike. It’s not much better in other countries.

The cost to buy the Woolf band is less than the cost of a fine. It works in more countries than we have time to cover.

As a fan and rider, I can’t see any reason not to wear this device when riding.

Still not convinced? Check out this video…