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Avoid These Mistakes at the 2018 BDYHAX Convention in Texas Next Month
  Anyone who has an interest in hacking the human experience should drop everything to register for the 3-day BDYHAX convention Feb 2-4, 2018 in Austin, Texas. This will be the third installment of the now-annual convention in Austin, which seems to grow every year. This year’s lineup has... Read more
The Year 2017 in Review With 2018 Predictions
When we came to the end of 2016, Body Hacks was more about wearable technology so we penned a piece on what would come in 2017. This writer looked through that blog recently. We were pretty close on a number of predictions. In the year that followed that blog,... Read more
The Future of Body Hacking Through Your Mouth
  In 2018, expect to hear more about hacking the human body through the easiest port of entry, the mouth. It makes so much sense, it’s a cliche, almost a meme. How many times has someone said something to the effect of, “If I could simply take a pill... Read more
Explosive Indiegogo Campaign; VylyV Has Upgraded Their Love Muscle Wearable for Men
Finally, there’s a better solution for men which matches the countless Kegal tools out there for women. (I know right, Men?) It’s yet only a dream, a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo based on the original version, but the VylyV (pronounced Vé-liv) 2.0 version, called Swift, is crushing its crowdfunding... Read more
Zoltan Istvan; Libertarian, Transhumanist, and Governor of California?
On the 2018 California ballot, the good people of California will have a chance to vote not only for a candidate who stands for a unique political agenda but one who stands for an equally unique non-political ideology. Zoltan Istvan  will run on the Libertarian party’s platform, but... Read more
Gifting Fitness Wearables to Kids
  Child obesity rates are as high as they have ever been—about one in five children is obese according to the CDC—with no sign of that number going down soon. The data gets worse as the children approach childhood, worse in some demographic populations. Childhood obesity is alarming, not... Read more
New Bulletproof Labs is Not About Fitness or Biohacking
In a time when hacking the human experience stands at the precipice of revolutionary science, David Asprey continues to push his Bulletproof agenda as if it was real science. What’s worse, people still give money to this charlatan for his snake oil. Health and fitness seem like a confusing... Read more
Ready or Not Legit Human Gene Editing is Here
A group of scientists have used gene editing to cure humans of disease. The patient in question suffers from Hunter syndrome, a disorder affecting humans from childhood, where the body fails to produce an enzyme. The symptoms are many, but the treatment is weekly intravenous therapy. It’s a pain.... Read more
The State of Wearables and Integration
  As Under Armour (UA) recently canceled production their HealthBox suite of wearables it begs the question: What is the future for wearable tech integration? At one time, integration was all the future rage. It deserves to be said, there was also a time when we spent more time... Read more
Wearables Effect on Diabetic Lives Informs Us About the Future of Transhumanism
The Fitbit company recently announced their new partnership with One Drop. The partnership will add diabetes management to their premium wearable, the Ionic. As companies like Fitbit and Apple chase more and more health metrics, we learn something about the state of transhumanism. Hacking the human experience for performance enhancement... Read more
5 Technologies to Hack Your Sleep For Better Performance
  Nothing matters more than good sleep. In the view of this seasoned fitness professional, most of the moves people make to improve their lives through better health rank as wasted efforts. Whether one measures those efforts in time or money, it makes no difference. Popping pills,... Read more
Biohacking Will Standardize Us Long Before the Singularity
Here’s a fun exercise: type “CRISPR” into a news search engine. There are more research stories than one has time to read. It was only two years ago nobody outside a lab had heard of CRISPR. Now bros everywhere inject themselves with CRISPR cocktails, crossing their fingers for an... Read more
Your Kid’s ADD is Out of Control; This Kickstarter Can Help
The NeuroPlus team is about a week away from the end of their Kickstarter campaign, almost 99 percent pledged on an all or nothing goal. That means if they don’t make 100 percent of their goal, they will not move forward. What NeuroPlus promises is to improve focus through... Read more
As Predicted by Body Hacks CRISPR is the New Steroids
In more than one lab recently, researchers have applied the CRISPR method to alter the muscles of test subjects. It’s getting to the point that it’s not much more difficult than injecting anabolic steroids. Although there are biohackers out there trying to replicate this research on their own bodies,... Read more
Soft Electronic Components Will Bridge the Wearable Biohacking Gap
  Recently, the folks at Harvard’s Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS (The John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) started playing with 3D printed electronic components. The results have led to many applications of bio-inspired technology, the ramifications of which will help blur the lines between biology... Read more
Biohacking Dilemma; the Beginning or End of Individuality?
In a recent interview in RT, modern philosopher, Slavoj Zizek argues that humans are losing their freedom through the advancement of biohacking technology. There’s only one problem with this concept. It flies in the face of everything biohackers believe. However one slices the body, nootropically, technologically, dietetically, the typical biohacker seeks... Read more
Biohacking Animal Protein Will Change Factory Farming Forever
Recently, Bill Gates and Richard Branson backed a start-up called Memphis Meats. The San Francisco company, who just raised $22-million proposes they can and will be able to mass produce animal proteins in the lab. Like most biohacking, it’s now a matter of if, but more a matter of... Read more
Researchers have figured out how to extract white blood cells from a cancer patient’s blood, which they can reprogram to kill cancer, and then re-inject into the patient. The treatment called, “a living drug,” just received the nod by the toughest regulatory body in medicine, the U.S. Food and... Read more
5 Frightening Risks of Biohacking Nobody Discusses
When enthusiastic newbie biohackers embark on their first implant, they don’t always consider the darker aspects of non-medical surgery. In a nutshell, that’s what it is, a medical procedure. Biohacking the human experience by depositing foreign bodies in one’s own body is not as tough as bolting titanium to... Read more
The Nanobots Have Arrived
In ground breaking science, researchers from the University of San Diego have successfully demonstrated the first medical nanobots. Used only in rodent trials at this point, the nanobots came in the form of something called micromotors. Once inside the mice, they were able to cure a bacterial infection previously... Read more