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Stress is one of the biggest issues of the modern generation. With steadily increasing workloads, longer office hours and rising rental prices, the majority... 5 Simple Techniques To Combat Stress

Stress is one of the biggest issues of the modern generation. With steadily increasing workloads, longer office hours and rising rental prices, the majority of us have a lot on our plate to deal with and over time, we might start to experience the symptoms of acute stress and anxiety. If left untreated, stress can be both detrimental to our bodies and minds, affecting both our ability to perform at work and our enthusiasm towards maintaining a healthy social circle. Luckily, however, there is another way. If you’re tired of feeling run down and want to avoid medical cures, there are a number of simple and natural techniques to banish stress right at your fingertips. Requiring a little time and a touch of concentration, these methods will help to lower your anxiety levels instantly and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Do we have your attention? It’s time to get seriously relaxed.



For years associated with New Age living, meditation has emerged in recent years as a positive alternative to stress-busting remedies and now, many people practice the technique every day. For the best results, sit up straight with your feet planted firmly on the floor and close your eyes. You can either try mindful meditation, which asks you to focus on the sound of your breath and the weight of your body, or you can try repeating a short mantra in your head. Starting or ending your day in this position can dramatically lower feelings of anxiety and over time, can make dealing with stressful situations a walk in the park.



One of the best ways of alleviating stress and tension is getting your worries off your mind by reaching out to a close friend. In times of need, it is your social network that can help the most and sharing your problems with the ones you trust the most can have a remarkably positive effect on your wellbeing. Not only will voicing your concerns help you to think about the situation but also, you might just see the issue from a fresh perspective. Sharing is better than suffering in silence.



Taking time out for ourselves is something that so few of us do nowadays but failure to do so can result in greater feelings of anxiety over the long term. While being plugged in is essential for our modern lives, taking 5 or 10 minutes out for yourself is just as important, and won’t have any detrimental effect on your job or social circle. When you feel stress building, try turning off your phone and devices and sitting in a quiet, dark space. Breathing deeply for a few minutes can clarify any stressful situation and help you come back fighting.



While exercising might be the last thing on your mind in times of stress, studies have shown time and again that exercise is an effective way of dealing with feelings of tension. Being active boosts the levels of feel-good endorphins in your body while getting your heart pumping can really help you to work through any anxieties that might be playing on your mind. After a quick jog or a round of tennis, you might find yourself being able to think more clearly, or view a problem in an alternative way. When your anxiety is on the rise, get active.



Believe it or not, what you put in your body can have a dramatic effect on your ability to deal with stress. In times of need, turning to produce that is both high in antioxidants and nutrients can help to raise your level of calm and wellbeing. Foods like dark chocolate, citrus fruits and walnuts are packed full of healthy fatty acids, vitamin c and antioxidants which are known to help reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. Eating a few of these foods throughout the day can boost your mood and get you in the right spirits to take on any challenge that comes your way.