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On the planet, there are millions of varieties of foods in thousands of different countries, each ingredient giving us a different kind of nutrient... 8 Ways Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Health

On the planet, there are millions of varieties of foods in thousands of different countries, each ingredient giving us a different kind of nutrient and energy when we eat it. But superfoods? There are not so many, and that’s perhaps what makes coconut oil all the more remarkable. Packed full of healthy fatty acids, the food source is linked to better brain function, fat loss and a boosted feeling of wellness. If you’re looking to get on a health kick, then there is arguably no better way to do so than by incorporating coconut oil into your diet and lifestyle. Once you try the stuff, you will really wonder how you did without for so long.



Yes, you read that correctly; coconut oil, a highly fatty substance, is an effective preventative treatment against heart disease and high blood pressure. How, you ask? Coconut oil is packed full of natural saturated fats, which help to top up healthy cholesterol levels in your body, effectively promoting the health of your heart and lowering your risk towards developing heart disease in later life.



There are plenty of other organs which can benefit from the healing powers of coconut oil, and none more so than your kidneys. Working as a natural antibiotic, the food source is known as an effective way to help treat and essentially combat urinary tract and kidney infections. By coating the bacteria with a lipid coating, the coconut oil helps to kill and eliminate them from the internal organs, enabling your body to heal at a much faster rate than it would do on its own.



While medical developments are working fast towards finding a cure for cancer, coconut oil has long been known as a natural way to help prevent and even treat a number of strains of the disease. By both starving tumor cells and digesting the walls of carcinogenic bacteria cells, it is believed that coconut oil can help patients recovering from cancer regain health at a faster rate and reduce their risk of developing it again in the future. It might not be a miracle cure, but it’s certainly on its way.



Do you find yourself constantly getting sick, no matter how healthy a lifestyle you follow? You might just need to try coconut oil. Containing high quantities of lauric acid, coconut oil is believed to be great at fighting bacteria and illnesses by creating a hostile environment for viruses inside of the body. The food source can even replace things like sugars and grains in your diet when you’re under the weather, keeping your natural nutrient reserves topped up.



Of course, there are a ton of other health benefits to coconut oil, not least the ability to burn more fat. While eating fewer calories can help aid the weight loss process, it is equally important to pay attention to the quality of your food source when you eat. Coconut oil might contain more individual calories than other types of food but, thanks to the smaller size of its fatty acids, it can actually help you to increase the amount of energy you expend in a day. The more energy that you use, the more fat that you will burn in the process; simple!



Struggling to remember important facts or dates is something that happens to the best of us and when we’re tired, it can be incredibly hard to focus. If you’re finding work getting the better of you and your functionality on the decrease, you might just need to top up your coconut oil intake. Studies have shown that the consumption of coconut oil was directly linked to an increase in brain function and memory. Absorbed into the brain as fatty acids, coconut oil effectively helped to fuel brain cells efficiently, for a longer period of time.



As well as giving your body and complexion a general glow, coconut oil can also help to treat skin infections and problems, such as eczema, dermatitis and dandruff. Fatty acids within the food source are incredibly effective at treating bouts of inflammation both internally and externally, moisturizing skin cells in the process. Soothed by the coconut oil, skin will appear plumper, more smooth and free from any nasty breakouts!



As well as burning your fat, coconut oil can help to build muscle cells within your body. While the product’s fatty acids can be found within many muscle building supplements like Muscle Milk, consuming the real deal can be both better for your health and more effective. Adding a little raw coconut oil to a muscle drink can boost its functionality and have you on the road to tip top strength in no time at all.