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Rich Lee Is The First Victim Of Anti-transhumanism
Rich Lee, a pioneer in biohacking, is suffering the worst fate a parent can take. His ex-wife has separated him from his two kids. They’re fine, but his ex is over Lee’s transhumanist exploits. She submitted a legal request to cut him out, based on his experiments with biohacking.... Read more
Finally, Someone Made An Iron Man Suit… Kinda
This story went online so close to April 1st, most people thought it was a hoax. After a year of tinkering, a British man by the name of Richard Browning crafted the beginnings of a Daedalus flying suit. History check: Daedalus was the Greek craftsman who made wax and... Read more
The Elusive Fountain Of Youth Will Drive Transhumanism More Than Anything
A San Diego-based startup called Samumed believe they can treat many aspects of aging without surgery, and they aren’t alone. To date, investors have contributed $300-million in funding to the fledgling company. If they’re able to deliver, both the owners of Samumed and their investors will make more money... Read more
Hacking Humanity’s Cells

Hacking Humanity’s Cells

News October 14, 2023

In case you’ve been too busy, catching up on Game of Thrones episodes in anticipation of the scintillating final season… there’s been some groundbreaking news about hacking human cells. While some researchers have been busy hacking genomes and neurons, others have been keeping the larger world of cells. Who... Read more
Neuralink; Elon Musk Pushes Forward With His Transhumanist Agenda
Elon Musk is making good on his professed goal to merge humanity with machines. His goal is to get us there before artificial intelligence outpaces humanity. On Monday, he announced the launch of Neurolink, a venture aimed at merging our brains with technology. Don’t forget, Elon Musk is the... Read more
Now We Have Solar-powered Skin For Prosthetic Limbs & Stuff
If it weren’t enough that our friend Elon Musk gave us terra-cotta style solar panel roof tiles, we now have the human body equivalent. Engineers have created a skin for prosthetics that can turn sunlight into energy. The possibilities, like all nascent technology, seem endless at this point, but... Read more
In The Future You Will Workout Harder Because Flashes Of Light To Your Brain
When Polina Anikeeva, at MIT, tested her new device on the brains of mice, the result was exactly what researchers expected. They stimulated the part of the neurons to control the speed of the mice so the mice took off running. The test success was a result of a nascent... Read more
Professor Stelarc; The Man Who Added A 3rd Ear To His Forearm For You
It took Professor Stelarc 20 years to find someone who would surgically implant an ear on his body. In 2007, he made his idea a reality, attaching a cell-cultivated ear to his left forearm. He’s worked in academia, he’s worked in performance art, but it’s the crossover point that... Read more
RNA Drug Research Points Toward Future Biohacking Opportunities
Cameron Harding was only a newborn when he stopped moving, but he wasn’t dead. He was awake, but couldn’t or didn’t move his limbs. The doctor’s advised his mother that he had spinal muscular atrophy, a death sentence for babies. Most don’t last past two years. Cameron’s symptoms indicated... Read more
Did Liz Parrish Actually Slow Her Body’s Aging Process?
Your telomeres are shrinking. Those are the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes in case you were wondering. There’s nothing you can about it, not yet anyway. Don’t fret. This is what happens to everybody as we age. Liz Parrish, the CEO of BioViva, a Washington-based biotech... Read more
Kevin Warwick; Hacking The Human Body Since Before You Were Born
On March 14th, 2002, Kevin Warwick lay in the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, England. He’d already implanted a RFID chip in 1998, but he was going to implant a more complex neural interface. This one would do more than inform a veterinarian who was his owner. When it worked,... Read more
The FDA & EPA; Bullies Of Biohacking?
Most biohackers currently operate outside the sphere of control issued by the FDA and the EPA. As they attempt to enter the commercial market, biohackers find these two regulatory bodies difficult hurdles to overcome. According to one biohacker, Josiah Zayner, one can sum up the general message from the... Read more
New Pathway To Fund Machine Learning Advancements; The U.S. Legal System
While amateur grinders play with magnets below the skin other biohacking 101 parlor tricks, larger stones of hacking the human experience are at work in white collar jobs. DARPA recently admitted to pairing human researchers with a smart machine to solve cancer treatment challenges, but there may be another... Read more
Worried About Cyberhumanity? It’s Already Upon Us According To DARPA
In a recent article featured in Wired, Arati Prabhakar, director of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) enlightened readers to the reality of human-machine melding already happening. This is reminiscent of the recent theory that domestic dogs evolved not from wolves, but something preceding both of them.... Read more
Neural Decoder Bryan Johnson Is The Next Elon Musk (If He Can Hack It)
In 2013, Bryan Johnson sold his payments company, Braintree, to PayPal for $800-million. That left him a comfortable cushion to invest in his next venture, Kernel. With Kernel, he intends to hack the human brain. There’s just one problem. He’s not a neuroscientist. Johnson’s story reads a lot like... Read more
The NBA Is About To Miss Their Opportunity To Biohack Better Players Through Wearable Tech
A hot topic amongst NBA officials, the players union, players, and fans lately is what will come of the NBA’s battle over wearables? As it stands, they are against players using wearables during games. The players stand divided between fans of the benefits of tech like the Whoop wearable... Read more
People In Silicon Valley Are Micro-dosing LSD At Work To Hack Their Creativity But It’s Silly
With no intention of tripping balls, consummate professionals are taking micro-doses of LSD to stimulate their creative processes. Results are tough to aggregate as the research is against the law, but this is a real thing. In a recent article in GQ, Josh Dean describes his foray into the... Read more
Apparently Germany Is Threatening To Treat Biohackers Like Terrorists
In a recent crackdown, Germany demonstrated just how serious they are about stopping biohackers, threatening jail time for violators. The risk, as they see it, is the potential for terrorism. Their concern is the at-home gene editing kits one can buy online. They believe DIYers could create bioweapons then... Read more
Amal Graafstra; Sensible BioHacker And Leader
When Amal Graafstra first implanted a RFID chip in his hand it was to solve a problem. Since then he’s become a leader amongst grinders, an advocate for smart biohacking, but also an engineer for new technology that communicates via Bluetooth. Graafstra isn’t the person one expects a grinder... Read more
Ready Or Not $200 At Home Gene Editing Kits Put Biohacking In The Home
Since 2015, one could buy an at home DNA editing kit, but the FDA recently took issue with at-home biohackers. In January they proposed a bill that would constrain the activities of DIY genetic hackers. This is still fringe news, but you’re going to hear more and more about... Read more