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Researchers have figured out how to extract white blood cells from a cancer patient’s blood, which they can reprogram to kill cancer, and then re-inject into the patient. The treatment called, “a living drug,” just received the nod by the toughest regulatory body in medicine, the U.S. Food and... Read more
The Nanobots Have Arrived
In ground breaking science, researchers from the University of San Diego have successfully demonstrated the first medical nanobots. Used only in rodent trials at this point, the nanobots came in the form of something called micromotors. Once inside the mice, they were able to cure a bacterial infection previously... Read more
The End is Nigh; Now a Company in America’s Heartland is Chipping Employees
RIVER FALLS, Wisconsin – A vending company recently offered their employees an easy alternative to buying snacks from vending machines and using company equipment. They’ve offered to implant microchips in those employees. It wasn’t enough that employees in Stockholm were getting chipped for their employers. Now a company in... Read more
Forget Third Arms, What About a Third Thumb?
While I’ve always felt a third arm could come in handy (get it?), life could get easier with something less obtrusive, an extra digit, perhaps. When designer Dani Clode created what he calls the Third Thumb Project, it was to further the definition of what it means to be... Read more
Wibe is the Coolest Wearable Kickstarter That Nobody Knows About
On June 26, 2017, the team behind Wibe, Atlexa, relaunched their Kickstarter after suffering some kind of rights infringement from the first name of their product. Wibe a backpack or back part accessory of sorts, with workout bands, ensuring that everywhere one goes, she gets a workout. To date, Atlexa’s Kickstarter... Read more
A Dude in Australia Implanted a Metro Pass in His Arm
Tired of carting and presenting his Opal metro card, the contactless smart card used in the great Sydney’s transportation system, a commuter who goes by the name Meow-meow implanted a chip under his skin. The chip works using near field communication (NFC), something we’ve seen from other biohackers like Amal... Read more
The End of Pricks; A Color-Changing Tattoo Could Help Diabetics
In recent news, a team of researchers has developed a kind of tattoo which interacts with the tatted one’s body chemistry to measure blood-sugar levels. It may change everything for diabetics. The life a diabetic isn’t easy, although even close friends may not be aware of hassles diabetics suffer.... Read more
Hack Level 10; Rob Spence Installed a Video Camera In His Eye Socket
When Rob Spence lost his right eye in a gun accident as a kid, it was the worst thing that ever happened in his life up until that moment. Then the loss opened up an opportunity for Spence. Removing the dead eye gave him the chance to slap an... Read more
  A recent paper released examines the precision of the CRISPR-Cas9 process, revealing that fans may have a reason to feel concern. As it turns out, the proposed savior-bacteria of all our dreams may still need some work. For researchers, this sort of news is status quo. For the... Read more
A Hand With Eyes Beats Other Prosthetics With Flying Colors
While researchers around the globe work feverishly to hack the human body by any means necessary, a team in Newcastle, have come up with a simple solution to an old problem: how could we connect prosthetics to our brains when the brain is so complex? Forget it. Give the... Read more
Chipped And Happy Employees? Only In Stockholm
STOCKHOLM, Sweden – A first as far as we know, this is a first. There’s a company in Sweden implanting their employees with microchips. The employees getting the chips do it of their own volition. It’s like some kind of syndrome of imprisonment where you come to love your... Read more
We Did it! Finally, An Antiaging Pill
Remember way back at the beginning of April when Body Hacks claimed the search for the fountain of youth would drive transhumanism more than anything else? Well, it turns out we were right about the future again. Now we have a pill that’s shaving old age off of lab... Read more
Rich Lee Is The First Victim Of Anti-transhumanism
Rich Lee, a pioneer in biohacking, is suffering the worst fate a parent can take. His ex-wife has separated him from his two kids. They’re fine, but his ex is over Lee’s transhumanist exploits. She submitted a legal request to cut him out, based on his experiments with biohacking.... Read more
Finally, Someone Made An Iron Man Suit… Kinda
This story went online so close to April 1st, most people thought it was a hoax. After a year of tinkering, a British man by the name of Richard Browning crafted the beginnings of a Daedalus flying suit. History check: Daedalus was the Greek craftsman who made wax and... Read more
The Elusive Fountain Of Youth Will Drive Transhumanism More Than Anything
A San Diego-based startup called Samumed believe they can treat many aspects of aging without surgery, and they aren’t alone. To date, investors have contributed $300-million in funding to the fledgling company. If they’re able to deliver, both the owners of Samumed and their investors will make more money... Read more
Hacking Humanity’s Cells
In case you’ve been too busy, catching up on Game of Thrones episodes in anticipation of the scintillating final season… there’s been some groundbreaking news about hacking human cells. While some researchers have been busy hacking genomes and neurons, others have been keeping the larger world of cells. Who... Read more
Neuralink; Elon Musk Pushes Forward With His Transhumanist Agenda
Elon Musk is making good on his professed goal to merge humanity with machines. His goal is to get us there before artificial intelligence outpaces humanity. On Monday, he announced the launch of Neurolink, a venture aimed at merging our brains with technology. Don’t forget, Elon Musk is the... Read more
Now We Have Solar-powered Skin For Prosthetic Limbs & Stuff
If it weren’t enough that our friend Elon Musk gave us terra-cotta style solar panel roof tiles, we now have the human body equivalent. Engineers have created a skin for prosthetics that can turn sunlight into energy. The possibilities, like all nascent technology, seem endless at this point, but... Read more
In The Future You Will Workout Harder Because Flashes Of Light To Your Brain
When Polina Anikeeva, at MIT, tested her new device on the brains of mice, the result was exactly what researchers expected. They stimulated the part of the neurons to control the speed of the mice so the mice took off running. The test success was a result of a nascent... Read more
Professor Stelarc; The Man Who Added A 3rd Ear To His Forearm For You
It took Professor Stelarc 20 years to find someone who would surgically implant an ear on his body. In 2007, he made his idea a reality, attaching a cell-cultivated ear to his left forearm. He’s worked in academia, he’s worked in performance art, but it’s the crossover point that... Read more