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These Wearable Smartphones Could Make Me Drop Apple
Not from any brand that you would recognize, developers announced more than one wearable smartphone in the last couple of years. Each one appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth. What is keeping these beautiful ideas from our lonely wrists? It’s not likely I would make the... Read more
Cold? 10 Wearables Options To Keep You Warm And Active This Winter
In case you hadn’t noticed, the days are shorter. That means the nights are longer. That means winter is coming. This would make a perfect segue into a blog about Game Of Thrones, but I’m not going there. Tempting, but back to wearables… Winter means snow . Snow means... Read more
Respia Asthma Management Wearable Upgrades Sufferers’ Quality Of Life
Spoiler alert, but if you suffer from asthma, by the end of this you will ask where can you get one? We’ll get there… Asthma is nothing short of awful. If you or someone you love suffers from any level of asthma, you know how frightening it can be.... Read more
Modular Makes A Strong Showing In Wearable Tech
You can have your burger your way. You can custom design your Chuck Taylors as you prefer. As long as one has the means, he can craft the world around him as he pleases. Why then, can we not do the same with our wearable technology? We can. There... Read more
Halo Is A Wearable Hack To Increase The Speed Of Your Athletic Learning
Housed in a package that looks like a pair of Beats by Dre, Halo sends electrical impulses to your brain, which stimulate it to speed your learning curve. The actual science is a little above our pay grade, but the core of what Halo does is something anyone can... Read more
The Matrix Smartwatch Runs On Body Heat And Is (YAWN) Waterproof
Just launched on Indiegogo, Matrix Industries smartwatch could revolutionize how we power wearables forever, but first, they have to get them on a few wrists. All in good time, but time being the operating word, if Matrix Industries is successful, we will have enough of it to last forever.... Read more
Heads-up Displays Are About To Be As Common As Smartphones
We’re calling it now, 2017 will be the year of the heads-up display (HUD). Google Glass may not have revolutionized our lives the way they wanted, but that has not stopped a small revolution of consumer-friendly HUDs. At present, what we have are some clunky devices, but what these... Read more
Using The My Virtual Mission App You Can Run The Entire Globe
The recently awarded My Virtual Mission app is surging in popularity, and with good reason. Your normal gym time, which can be boring, suddenly has a goal, stretched out across the world. You have to log the calories to complete your virtual missions, but you don’t have to log... Read more
ActoFit Fitness Wearable Knows Everything About Your Lift 
It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it even knows if you’ve been bad or good. If Santa Claus created a fitness wearable, it would be Actofit. The Actofit wearable is crowdfunding on Indiegogo right now. If you fear this is just another tracker to... Read more
OMG You Guys This Mind-controlled Paper Airplane Is Like Flying
The plane by PowerUp Toys isn’t 100% paper, but the experience of flying it is as close as you can get to a flying dream without sleeping. The best part about this sweet little piece of tech is that you can control its path of motion by tilting your... Read more
Rebound Fitness Is Bouncing Into Trampoline Parks Around The Globe
There’s a little-known trend making its way up the ranks of fitness. Actually, it’s been around since the 90’s but hasn’t stopped growing since those early outfits. Bounce or rebound fitness employs the use of large trampolines covering the floor and walls of a room, like some kind of... Read more
Joule Bracelet Caffeinates You Transdermally So You Can Dance All Day
The message is clear from their silly Indiegogo video: Joule is a bracelet style wearable that will charge you up with caffeine until you feel like dancing but won’t crash you out like other forms of caffeine. The dancing potion enters your bloodstream through your skin. You don’t have... Read more
These 3 Wearables Will Improve Your Tennis Game Finally
The world is not shy in the tennis technology department. There’s tons of it. Most of what you find attaches to your racket or uses special cameras to capture your movement. The former is not a true wearable since it goes on your racket, the latter is an expensive... Read more
3 New Smartwatches Prove We Aren’t Over Them Yet
If you were to believe everything you read, you may think the smartwatch revolution were dead in the water. Third quarter projections were bad, like over a 50% decline. You may also be the wort of person who believes we never landed on the moon. Moon Landing doubters: You... Read more
Now We Can Have TVs On Our Chests Because Why Not
For every time you’ve been walking down the street wishing, you could broadcast video from where you normally wear that diamond-shaped superhero emblem, T-shirt TV can help. You can broadcast your promo video or tune yourself into a walking music video display because we totally need that. We should... Read more
Vufine+ Is Another Bulky Glass Knockoff But Backers Don’t Care
Do we have to say it? Fine. The form factor of Vufine’s devices is familiar. What will blow your mind is how little it matters to the investors on Kickstarter. They backed the first version 400 times over the campaign goals. That version suffered some design flaws. It was heavy.... Read more
ORBI Prime Drops 360 HD Video Into Your Shades
Call them the no-muss, no fuss solution to 360-degree video. ORBI’s Indiegogo campaign has about a month left, but they are more than halfway to their goal. What their stylish shades solve is the problem experienced by all video recorders. You have to stop to mount them someplace, a... Read more
Air By Crazybaby Wants To Bring Acoustically Stunning Audio To The Wireless Earbud Game
With a month left in their Indiegogo campaign, the Air earbuds by Crazybaby has already smashed their campaign goals. They’re simple promise: we’ll deliver revolutionary sound in a better cord-free earbud design. They aren’t even shy about who the other guys are. It’s Apple. It’s Bragi. It’s Samsung. Crazybaby... Read more
This Walkie Talkie Crammed Into A New Smartwatch Is Sweet
StarVox is the first walkie-talkie smartwatch, not yet available for purchase, but is available for preorder on Kickstarter. It solves a problem with which you may not have familiarity. There are still many places you cannot use cell service. With StarVox you get all the convenience of walkie-talkie communication,... Read more
This Is Why Wearable Fatigue Is NOT Killing Wearables
If you were to believe everything you read online, we are one silicone strap away from the complete undoing of the wearables market. You may conclude you’ve somehow missed the trend. You may even be thinking twice about your Christmas wish list. Relax. you haven’t missed anything. Tell Santa... Read more