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There are days left before millions of Americans sit down to the feast of feasts, the Thanksgiving holiday. For chefs in the United States,... How To Eat The Week Of Thanksgiving

There are days left before millions of Americans sit down to the feast of feasts, the Thanksgiving holiday. For chefs in the United States, there is no other holiday. This is the opportunity to showcase their perfect twists on traditional meal items, turkeys, cranberry, pumpkin pies and baked yams.




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The trick for chefs is to not rob their diners of the flavors associated with childhood memories, but not to bore them with the same-old-same-old. No other holiday asks those skilled in the kitchen to demonstrate their artistry, not in the States anyway.

For diners, there are plenty of holidays out there, other meals where we  might stuff ourselves to the pain. Feel free to adapt this plan to those situations.

With so much on the table, how can one expect to maintain his girlish figure against all those temptations? There are plenty of reasons other than just weight gain to keep us from making plan adjustments.

For folks who battle diseases like diabetes or heart conditions, there is a real reason to plan for holidays. It is a flood of nutrients to digestive systems. Our bodies have to process all that food.

Heed the advice of your physician, but if you can let loose somewhat during the holiday meal, here are few things you can do to better prepare. I made up all but one of these terms.




This is the plan for this week’s meals, leading up to Thanksgiving. In a nutshell, you’re going to lower your calories the day or two before the big day.

I’ve tried to run this play by flanking the meal, eating a light intake the day before than after, but I failed to consider leftovers. Sometimes leftovers put you over your normal intake for days. Better that you assume in advance you are going to overeat for at least two days, if not three.

The good news is, there is a limit to how much you can consume in one sitting. The stomach is only so big. We’ll get into some techniques for helping with that in a second.

Rather than count your calories, which you could do, intake a higher percentage of raw veggies and lean meats. Keep your oils and butters light. Eat salad like it was your job.

If you hate salad, remind yourself, “I’m in training mode.”

Turkey Burn



Speaking of training, this one is not so much about your food, but preparing your body for said food. Many gyms host turkey burn workouts, where they take members through high-intensity, sweat-inducing workouts.

You can put together your own badass workout instead, but do something before the Thanksgiving meal.

This move not only assuages your guilt about the coming meal, it stokes your hunger. Do this right to work up a good appetite and stoke your metabolism. It not only makes eating a more rewarding experience, exercise tells your body exactly what you want it to do with the food.

Stuff The Rough



This is for the Thanksgiving meal itself. We’ll assume you’ve done your best to train in the days leading up to it. This will take discipline. Brace yourself.

Before you go for that bird, the plate-slam of stuffing, you’re gonna take down a good serving of roughage. Veggies will do if there’s no salad, but that green bean casserole is loaded with calories, so it’s less effective for this plan.

If that’s your only choice, start with water. If you’re smart, you’ll finish with roughage too. (It makes the trip to bathroom easier the next day.)

Rinse Your Stomach



Take the biggest glass you can get your hands on. Fill it with delicious flavor-free water. If you must, drink soda water, but no sugar.

The goal with this move is to do a couple of things. One, water will help prime your digestion. Two, it’s good for you anyway. You need to hydrate, but most importantly, a tall glass of water will fills your stomach.

When you’ve had time to settle after the first plateful, repeat this before your second.



Consider that all your efforts are not so much about yourself as they are giving your favorite chef a reason to work harder. They toil over that burning kitchen for hours, sometimes while you slumber, just so you can eat to the pain.

You owe to them to train. You owe it to America.