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The smart jacket niche of wearable is heating up again. You may recall the Levi’s and Google joint, Project Jacquard or the Evolution Wear... The Hallam Smart Jacket Will Kick Your Smart Jacket’s Ass

The smart jacket niche of wearable is heating up again. You may recall the Levi’s and Google joint, Project Jacquard or the Evolution Wear smart hoodie we recently covered. These were two solid entries in the smart clothes market, but Hallam aims to do more with their H Jacket. They be like…



In fact, the makers of the jacket, Hallam P New York, brags 31 functions in this one wearable.

They’re so ambitious about their project, they’ve run campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The campaigns both ended recently, but both with success.

In an odd side note, one campaign lists five jacket styles, the other three, and one lists 40 functions but the other 31. The general product offering seems the same.

Whatever the total count of styles, the basic concept is the same. You have to wear a jacket when it’s chilly. Why not make that jacket something that not only looks stylish but serves a function beyond keeping you warm?

Whether it does 31 or 40 things more than that, who cares? This jacket has one goal, and that’s to be the only jacket you wear out of the house.

Five Jackets 



The Kickstarter campaign cites five styles, so we’ll go with that. When launched, you can order a hoodie, a sweatshirt, a varsity jacket, a padded vest or a wool jacket.

The Indiegogo campaign doesn’t mention the vest or sweatshirt. In the end, it won’t matter since both campaigns have ended. The rest of us will purchase what actually hits the store shelves.

We’d be happy to wear any of these. Each is stylish, cut to the current fashion, in both men’s and women’s cuts. Within each of the styles, there are a variety of color options, but also size, of course.

They even offer an add-on menu, which includes battery packs, LED packs, keychains, rings and more. A lot more.

In all, this is the most extensive options menu we’ve seen in a wearable yet.

31 functions or maybe 40



Part of the confusion comes with the fact that some of the jacket styles lend themselves to functionalities that wouldn’t work in others.

For example, the varsity jacket offers a lovely three-stripe LED light on the left sleeve, something that would look silly on the professional wool jacket.

The hoodie and the sweatshirt are the most versatile of the styles. They are the only two that don’t require dry cleaning. Dry cleaning aside, the varsity jacket features offering is also robust.

What Hallam is selling is really an ecosystem or suite of tools. Depending on how you build your jacket, or what accessories you choose, you may gain more functionality.

You can interface with all these functionalities via the companion app, which is iOS and Android capable




All the jackets offer the H badge, a detachable coin-shaped Bluetooth device with many functions. The badge prevents loss of your smart phone and notifies you of calls, texts or social media updates.

From the badge, you can control your music, take selfies, control other smart devices, engage GPS tracking or find your phone. It’s detachable, so you can even take it with you if you don’t have your jacket, perhaps if you leave it in the coast check.

The badge will last 14 days on one charge, which is pretty impressive for a GPS device.

If you prefer to wear rings, the H Ring does most of the same things as the badge, but in a tough luminous ring. Alternatively, the H Key Chain may work better for your lifestyle.

One Goal



The H Jacket connects you better to your devices but makes also extends the range and power of those devices. There are many different pockets in each style, with ways to charge and connect, but also to make your environment more comfortable.

These jackets are perfect for commuters but also for travelers. Unless you live in the tropics, you’ll spend a good portion of your year with a jacket in tow.

Hallam P New York intends for you to choose the H Jacket. If it fits you right, plus keep you warm, then why would you take any other jacket?

They offer several styles, so you could purchase one for every occasion, every season.



When the H Jacket hits retail shelves, the projected cost is around $300, depending on your order. That’s the same, if not less, than what you would pay for a dumb jacket.

If the H jackets take abuse like a high-end jackets, then Hallam may be onto something.

They’ve considered many different variables. Their CEO, Hallam Park, cites his 15 years of experience in design. We shall see.

Good luck to these guys. It doesn’t seem they need it.

You can get more information on this project by watching this promo video: