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Running is simple, but not easy. Runners are determined people. Now they have a wearable to help them make running easier. The STEPP wearable... STEPP Real Time Running Coach Addresses Everything

Running is simple, but not easy. Runners are determined people. Now they have a wearable to help them make running easier.



The STEPP wearable is the coolest running accessory we’ve witness since the Under Armour Speedform Gemini REs. It’s not a wrist-based tracker. It’s three little buttons.

The system coordinates with your smartphone to give you real-time feedback on your technique but also encourages you to push.

As of this writing, STEPP has 42 days to go on their Kickstarter, but they are already halfway there. Our money is on them making it.

When STEPP launches, runners will reap the benefit of a coach on every run, with reams of data to track their improvements.

The best part is, nothing goes on your wrist.

STEPP is compact



Wearing STEPP, you’ll barely notice it. This is not so with other running companions.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+  or the Polar M600 offer quality tracking and data for runners, bucketed with other important health data. They also sit on your wrist.

Both live in that design world where they almost pass as a watch, but not quite sexy enough to fit every occasion. There is a certain guilt removing them after a run.

The STEPP system doesn’t tell time, nor does it guilt you when you’re done with it after running.

STEPP is three pieces. One goes on each foot plus one for your waist. Snap the parts into place for your run, or leave them on your running shoes. You’ll not even notice them when you run.

You’ll not miss them when you don’t.

STEPP is a coach



While the wearable portion of the STEPP system is ignorable (that’s a good thing), the companion app is not. Utilizing your smartphone and your headphones, STEPP monitors your run, giving you feedback.

Do you pronate? STEPP will let you know you’re doing it. Like to slack off on a run? STEPP won’t leave you alone.

It will put you through drills, dole out encouragement to push you farther, then summarize your efforts when it’s all over. Even the best coaches cannot give you this kind of real-time feedback.

STEPP is a data machine



Whether you strike mid-sole or heel, run barefoot-style or shod, STEPP tracks your every flinch.

Just in the feet, it tracks swing speed, foot contact angle, speed, impact force, vertical movement, foot contact time, cadence, impact force on the knee, balance, and stride length. It will also measure you for hip tilt.

STEPP feeds this data to you as run, asking you to make corrections until you get it right. When you’re done, it compiles all that data in charts for you track your improvements.



STEPP won’t let you take off rainy days. It can handle a little precipitation (IP68). It comes with sleeves, which come in many colors, lest that should matter to you.

One charge, which is wireless, will last for six hours.

The system won’t track your heart rate, but it will work with your iOS or Android device so you get GPS data. This is a powerful wearable we can’t wait to see hit the road.