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The Beginner’s Guide To Interval Training
Interval training is one of the very best ways that you can rapidly improve your health, work up a sweat and tone your muscles at the same time. Made up of a series of high intensity activities, interspersed with longer, more gentle exercises, interval training is designed to test... Read more
Three Fitness Myths You Should Not Be Falling For
With the hundreds of so called fitness experts and various websites out there dedicated to fitness, there are bound to be some misinformation that takes place. Sometimes, it is hard to tell what is correct from what is wrong. In an effort to help, here are three fitness myths... Read more
3 Reasons You Need to Explode When Lifting
If there is no aspect of your workout that moves explosively there is a huge hole in your training program. The ramifications for your body are far worse than skipping your pre-lift stretching routine. There are basically two paradigms with explosive work: Must I? I force myself to do it because... Read more
Warning: Summer Circuit for Advanced Exercisers Only
When it comes to your body, function over fashion is what I preach. Keeping your goals focused on movement or performance will outlast vanity in the long run. Eventually, vanity eludes us all. Yes, yes, yes, we’re all beautiful on the inside… bzzz. That said, most of us in... Read more
5 Huge Reasons to Train Big Muscles Versus Small Ones
Resting between seated bicep curls, the man sighs, searching the floor like he’s lost something. He hasn’t. In three months of going to the gym, he hasn’t lost anything but motivation. He hasn’t gained anything either, performing bodybuilding moves like bicep curls and triceps extensions, all seated. Fitness nerd... Read more
This Back Combo Will Have You Pulling Cars
Strength can be attributed to many factors, but in the real world, it rarely has anything to do with how much weight we can push off our chests. It’s hard for dudes to hear, but the benchpress is not the ultimate measure of strength. Perceived strength comes down to... Read more
The Truly Important Reasons Women Should Lift Weights
Repeat the words, “I will not get bulky,” three times, every day. Then go lift some heavy weights so they can all wonder how you did that. A quick scan of the internets, and you’ll see there are plenty of advocates for women lifting. Sadly, much of the arguments... Read more
Get Stronger by Addressing These Deadlifting Mistakes
Often perceived as a men-only lift, the Deadlift is one of the most important, functional lifts you may not be doing incorrectly. Think about it. How many times are you lying on the flat of your back pushing heavy things, except in the bench press? When do you load... Read more
5 Ways To Stay Motivated At The Gym
We all start our fitness journeys with the best of intentions. New kit in hand, schedule outlined, we hit the gym every day that we intended to do and over time, we might notice out fitness gradually improving. After months of doing the same thing, however, we can start... Read more
The Easy Way To Build More Muscle
We all have our own body shape and size but sometimes, we might want to change the way we look in order to feel better about ourselves. Getting into shape is a great way to boost your confidence and feel more healthy, enabling you to feel much more positive... Read more
Three Secrets to Becoming a Better Athlete
While a person’s natural ability and genetics play a huge role in whether or not they can be a legendary athlete, there are simple things you can do to be better than you were yesterday. And while these three tips may not lead you to become a pro athlete,... Read more
4 Beginner Exercises You Can Try At Home
Getting fit is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and feel better about yourself and, incredibly, it’s something that you can do today! While signing up for gym memberships and splashing the cash on fancy new equipment might seem like the best way... Read more
4 Arguments Why Barefoot Running Isn’t Dead Yet
The once heated debate about strike zones for running has simmered to a back burner issue, but it has not gone away. In fact, the book that started it all, Born to Run is scheduled to be a movie starring Matthew McConaughey. There was bound to be a lapse... Read more