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GPS Fitness Trackers Worth Owning Under $250
Unless you want to run, cycle or swim with your smartphone, you have an only a few affordable options for tracking your activities via GPS. Affordable is a relative term with today’s technology. It comes down to what are you willing to pay to have what you want on... Read more
Finally, a Wearable That Prevents Skin Cancer and Takes Selfies
Pretty soon there’s going to be a wearable for everything. I’m not saying there will be a single wearable for each facet of our lives, but one tool that does everything. Until then, you only have one more tracker to wear if you want help avoiding skin cancer. Oh sure, you could... Read more
Why Your Gym Should Have the MYZONE Wearable Right Now
In fact, if they don’t, you should just quit. You don’t need them anyway. Alright, let’s not be hasty, but you should talk to them. Maybe they’ll come around on this one. Just look how sexy it is. The MYZONE wearable, a chest strap called the MZ3, builds on... Read more
Study Reveals [Shocker] Fitness Driving Wearables Technology
There’s nothing like an in-depth worldwide study on wearables to get me fired up. That, and pancakes. But back to wearables…   Pricewaterhousecoopers, or PwC, started as an accounting agency in London, but now is a global company geared towards finding better business solutions. As their site states, “We... Read more
9 Legit Fitness Trackers For Swimmers
You can track your punching speed now, so, of course, you can track your swimming activities. Pretty soon we’ll track everything… yeah, everything, like Truman Show everything. Nah, not that bad, just health metrics as far as we know. The ability to track health metrics in any environment is going... Read more
Introducing Glovdi; One Glove to Rule Them All
If Michael Jackson had lived to see it, he would definitely have worn Glovdi, bedazzled in sequins. I just gave away my age. Anyway, hopefully for all of us, we’ll live to see Glovdi on a few hands. This product is off-the-grid innovative, but… Begun as a Master thesis... Read more
5 Fitness Trackers That Don’t Look like Fitness Trackers
“How do you like your tracker?” asks the cashier at the grocery store. Ugh. You so wanted to talk to random people about your fitness tracker over-and-over… except, no. Thankfully, you don’t have to look like an early adopter to be one. Here are five fitness trackers, from the... Read more
8 Completely Wireless Earbuds to Revolutionize Workouts
There comes a time in every adult’s life when she has to face the important facts about life: most headphones will not stay in your ears during a good workout. What’s worse, they will probably rip out of your ears right in the middle of your final rep, lap, max... Read more
Track the movement of each muscle, down to the fiber, without wires and lab technicians. Sound impossible? Expensive? Athos Connected Apparel is neither. While most conversations about wearables are focused on making them disappear, there is one product, which has gone the other direction. If Athos is the product for your... Read more
3 Fitness Trackers That Will Improve Your Punches
Combat may be the oldest form of fitness, predating sport. Since the dawn of humanity, fighting has been a part of our existence; the fight against other humans for power, animals for food, nature for survival. It’s no wonder so many people today find a practice of the fighting... Read more
Rolled out this year, the Under Armour (UA) Speedform Gemini 2 RE will track your activity similar to a wristband, but without the added weight bouncing on your arm. RE stands for Record Equipped, but it means so much more. These are the first standalone shoes for tracking fitness.... Read more