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Link AKC Doggy Wearable Looks Out for Your Pup Like a Boss
Not to be confused with the Garmin Doggy Wearable we just covered, the Link AKC does something a little different. Garmin’s wearable trains your pooch. The Link AKC tracks where he goes, how active he is when he goes there, but also how warm or cold he is. We... Read more
Garmin’s Vivofit Jr is a Fitness Wearable for Kids
First, they made a wearable for your fur baby, now they want to outfit your real baby. Garmin’s Vivofit Jr is a pint-sized version of the Vivofit 3, decked out in funky colors, sturdy enough for your rambunctious ones. Re: That fur-baby comment. If you didn’t read about Garmin’s... Read more
DJI’s Goggles Will Make Your Flying Dreams Come True
It would be enough that DJI’s Mavic drone packs into a pocket-sized device, but also records 4K video when flown. That’s impressive. DJI went one step further, coupling the drone with a first person POV headset so you see the flight path in front of you as if you were... Read more
Awesome: Supersuit is the Future of Cops and Robbers
SuperSuit, Inc., the makers of the new gaming platform called SuperSuit, would have you believe this is the true virtual reality. By strapping on an apparatus, one piece around your chest, the other on your wrists, you become Ironman. Well, not really, but you could imagine so. The Suit... Read more
The New Eye-wearable from Snapchat Takes Pictures
“Just for Snapchat,” brands the Spectacles sneak peak site. In a recent move, Snapchat changed its name (sorta) and brand, then announced a new wearable with few details on where and when. It scans as risky investment mixed with genius marketing. They have no product on the ground yet,... Read more
5 Fitness-related Things the Apple Watch 2 Doesn’t Do
No doubt, we’re fans of the Apple Watch Series 2. We’re fans of nearly anything wearable tech related, especially if it’s fitness tech. It’s what we do. That said, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a force to be reckoned with, but it’s not perfect in every way for... Read more
Nixon Mission is the SmartWatch for Boarders Who Don’t Love Apple
Nixon, no stranger to watches, just dropped their new rugged smartwatch aimed at snowboarders and surfers. It’s a rugged beast, loaded with goodies for board sports enthusiasts. Is it the right fit, though? It’s no longer news that the new Apple Watch 2 packs GPS into a waterproof design. That... Read more
11 Kid Where-ables all About Your Peace of Mind
The debate for parents, is how much does one depend on technology for a growing child? The growing number of technologies for kids brings this question to Mom and Dad’s table every day. There exist as many helpful technologies as there exist articles on why one shouldn’t use them.... Read more
Nike Self-lacing Shoes Because Awesome
Nike did it last October as a commemorative shoe, celebrating Oct. 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly traveled to in the movie Back to The Future. The first pair went to Michael J Fox, the guy who played McFly. They looked and worked just like the ones from the... Read more
The 5 Hottest Action Cams Under $200
Once upon a time there was the GoPro, then the market exploded. Today’s action cam market is overflowing with contenders. Action cams today offer so much more than yesterday’s cams. I was never able to strap my VHS camcorder to the front of my surfboard, despite all the duct tape... Read more
Study: There’s No Magic in Fitness Wearables
Published Tuesday, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), research of 471 participants over two years reveals that wearing a fitness tracker does not guarantee better results. In fact, wearing one may hinder your results. The study conducted via the University of Pittsburgh took nearly 500 participants... Read more