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7 Sexy Smart Rings You Can Sport Right Now
The question to ask about smart rings isn’t whether or not we will have them. We already do. The real questions on the table are, who will wear them and why? As wearables, rings are notoriously vaporware. Most promising rings we hear tale of, become nothing more than failed... Read more
10 Lifestyle Wearables Which Have Nothing to do With Fitness
Fitness wearables hog all the splot light, it’s true. It’s probably because the best research we have on wearables is that fitness and health are the main drivers behind the technology. The following wearables represent the apparent low-tech end of the market; lifestyle wearables. The biggest category is the... Read more
Hold The Phone, the New Pebble Tech is All About Fitness
The company that beat Apple and Samsung to the SmartWatch game, by crowdfunding the first Pebble Watch in 2012, is doing it again. On Kickstarter, Pebble is funding not only one new watch, but two of them, and something totally new. We’ll come back to what that is. All... Read more
Google and Levi’s Denim Jacket is the Coolest Wearable Ever
A year-long project by titans Google and Levi’s, Project Jacquard has produced a stylish denim jacket which looks nothing like you would expect from wearables. It looks like a denim jacket but does oh so much more. Project Jacquard is a collaboration between Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATP)... Read more
Workout with Freedom; Jaybird’s Newest Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird has released the newest addition to their headphone lineup, called Freedom, and they are sweet. When Jaybird came out with the first version of the Freedom brand, released as the JB100 Freedom model, it was 2007. The Bluetooth market at the time was mostly monophonic or over-the-ear headphones.... Read more
3 Emerging Wearable Technologies That Will Change Your Workouts
Seems there is wearable news every day. Not all of it has applications in fitness, but some of it could totally change the way we workout. Here are three that could do just that if they can survive long enough to make it into the market. Our money is... Read more
Phew, A Wearable To Fight Your Stinky Workout Undergarments
Underwear isn’t surrendered much quarter by the body. They ride in the ground zero of bacterial stank, where we make some of our most pungent stank. Ew. Echoed often in articles on wearables is the concept that the future for wearables is invisibles. This... Read more
GPS Fitness Trackers Worth Owning Under $250
Unless you want to run, cycle or swim with your smartphone, you have an only a few affordable options for tracking your activities via GPS. Affordable is a relative term with today’s technology. It comes down to what are you willing to pay to have what you want on... Read more
Finally, a Wearable That Prevents Skin Cancer and Takes Selfies
Pretty soon there’s going to be a wearable for everything. I’m not saying there will be a single wearable for each facet of our lives, but one tool that does everything. Until then, you only have one more tracker to wear if you want help avoiding skin cancer. Oh sure, you could... Read more
Why Your Gym Should Have the MYZONE Wearable Right Now
In fact, if they don’t, you should just quit. You don’t need them anyway. Alright, let’s not be hasty, but you should talk to them. Maybe they’ll come around on this one. Just look how sexy it is. The MYZONE wearable, a chest strap called the MZ3, builds on... Read more
Study Reveals [Shocker] Fitness Driving Wearables Technology
There’s nothing like an in-depth worldwide study on wearables to get me fired up. That, and pancakes. But back to wearables…   Pricewaterhousecoopers, or PwC, started as an accounting agency in London, but now is a global company geared towards finding better business solutions. As their site states, “We... Read more