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The Sleepman Wearable Never Sleeps so You Can Rest Better
In the endless search for the perfect night of rest, one group of investors believes they have a solution. They’ve created a wrist-worn wearable designed to help you maximize your sleep. It’s only just launched on Kickstarter, but if they are successful, wearers will get more out of their... Read more
Virtual Reality Headsets are Going to Rock Your Perspective
This time next year when we write the follow-up to this entry if we wait that long, we’ll have to really do our research. The virtual reality (VR) category may only be in its infancy today, but you can bet it will mature quickly. By 2017 we expect a... Read more
Trash Your Food Journal; BioRing Will Measure Your Intake
Okay, you can stop rolling your eyes. We called it in this blog, that the future of wearables would include technology to measure your calorie intake. Well, the folks at BioRing took it up a notch. They’re gonna measure macros as well as most other health metrics. If they... Read more
4 Technologies Coming Soon to a Wearable Near You
We talk a lot about wearables because they’re the coolest emerging technology right now. It’s a little like being into cars if it were 1910. If you could go back in time, imagine what you could tell Henry Ford about the future of vehicles? Despite the fact that you... Read more
5 Wearables for Your Baby That Aren’t Totally Creepy
The day we went full baby, was the day wearables crossed a line, maybe. I really didn’t mean to make that rhyme. We were all fine and dandy with the wearables market creating tools to track everything from sun exposure to better volleyball playing, but when they brought babies... Read more
The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is Winning for Fitness Trackers
It seems like nobody has been able to nail the fitness tracker, except whoops, Garmin just did. Refreshing their Vivosmart HR, by adding a “+” and some key features, Garmin has broken away from the pack. In case you are wondering, the HR+ does all the usual things we... Read more
The 5 Most Anticipated Smartwatches of 2016
Dumbwatch, your days are numbered. Watches that simply tell the time with perfect Swiss engineering passed down through generations of watch-makers are fading into antiquity. The cool thing about the smartwatch market is, this is the pre-iPhone era, where no single manufacturer has broken away to set the pace... Read more
Don’t Go Alone; 3 Wearables for Safety
Fitness and health may be the driving the wearables industry, but that could be a product of marketing and industry assumptions. Fitness trackers far outweigh non-fitness wearables, so that’s where the data is heavy. Despite this, new products keep surfacing, which have nothing to do with fitness, but more... Read more
The 1 Wearable Beach Volleyball Players Must Own
From the watch company that rocked the watch world in the 80’s Swatch’s Zero One watch is the one smartwatch which was specifically designed to be a hit with beach volleyball players. This stands to reason, as it is the Swiss watch manufacturer’s most sponsored sport. They support others,... Read more
14 Celebrities Sporting Wearables You Should Rock
Arguably, celebs are early adopters because they have the disposable income to invest in devices they only wear for a short time then move on. Don’t hate. That said, there have been many new technologies introduced in recent history that celebrities are not sporting. For example, how many celebrities... Read more
5 Artificial Intelligences Threatening Personal Trainers Today
The future of wearables is many things. It is integration, this is true, but it is also intelligence. Soon, it won’t be enough to report on what you did. That benchmark has already been set. Wearables need to tell us what to do, based on that data. They need... Read more