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Nex Band is the Modular Wearable That Happened When You Weren’t Watching
There is so much coming down the wearables pipeline, it’s tough to guess what is worth the time. This one flew just below our radar for 2016. The Next Band not only survived its Indiegogo campaign, the creators of Nex have shipped and continue to ship their modular band to ambitious... Read more
The Daqri Smart Helmet Should Be on Every Industrial Skull Right Now
Albeit, wearables in the workplace are a controversial subject, the inevitability is overwhelming. The Daqri smart helmet, a helmet for industrial workers, not only protects your melon but gives you a safety advantage when worn. It may be the wearable that puts the workplace movement into overdrive. Current workplace... Read more
Vue Smart Glasses Are Stylish Wearables You May Actually Rock
The Vue wearable glasses, V-frames if you’re cool, are now live on Kickstarter. They’ll not only work with your prescription, they’ll stream music, track your activities and take calls for you. They do all this without compromising style. If have to wear corrective lenses anyway, the added features may... Read more
The Hallam Smart Jacket Will Kick Your Smart Jacket’s Ass
The smart jacket niche of wearable is heating up again. You may recall the Levi’s and Google joint, Project Jacquard or the Evolution Wear smart hoodie we recently covered. These were two solid entries in the smart clothes market, but Hallam aims to do more with their H Jacket.... Read more
Get a Grip; Exo-Glove Poly Wearable Empowers Disabled Hands
Allow your hand to go limp. Now reach for your coffee or some such object, without flexing or extending your fingers. It’s impossible, right? I just said that… In an otherwise functional body, even one that lives in a wheelchair, the loss of grip is a frustrating shortcoming. It... Read more
The Horus Wearable Will Allow the Blind to See Again
First, let me apologize for that somewhat misleading headline. The Horus wearable is fascinating, capable of improving the blind’s experience of the world, but it won’t give them back their eyes. It will, however, convert their world into an exposition of sorts. This requires some explaining. The Italian start-up... Read more
iBand+ Wants To Help You Put a Steering Wheel on Your Dreams
We were recently approached by Arenar to take a look at their product, a sleep wearable aimed at tracking and controlling your sleep. At the time of this writing, iBand+ had hours to go on their Kickstarter campaign. Since they’ve more than crushed their goals, they don’t need any... Read more
Women’s Wearables are Kicking Menstrual Pain to the Curb
Imagine a world where once every month, you were host to an unwelcome guest for up to a week. What if this guest not only crawled into your bed with you, he would punch you in the gut at random, wearing brass knuckles? Not only that, he would draw... Read more
Fido Wearables Are Going Off the Chain
When we first started covering wearable for pets we predicted this would happen. Fast forward a few months; things are getting a little out of control but in a good way. Well, mostly a good way. Today’s market for pet wearables is saturated and growing. Humans in the USA will... Read more
With This Wearable You’ll Never Drive Drunk Again Except This One Time
With just your sweat, a new skin-level wearable technology can measure your blood-alcohol level in minutes with discretion. The wearable is a temporary tattoo. The creators of this technology, engineers from the University of California at La Jolla, funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)... Read more
Senstone is the Fashionable Dictation Device We Can’t Wait to Try
Available for pre-sale, the Senstone wearable proposes to capture your every thought then organize those thoughts for you to sort through later. It does this, all without removing your phone from your pocket. That way, you can focus on other things like driving. The makers of this technology may... Read more