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Seated Bicep Curls are Keeping You Fat
There, I said it; you made me. I really loathe using that word, fat, but I had to get your attention because you won’t stop doing silly things. Please, unless you’re training for Mr. Olympia, stop it. Here’s why… Despite the fact that biceps are the make-a-muscle, muscle, they... Read more
Former Gym Manager Confessions: Cardio Will Never Love You Back
Find me the adult who really looks forward to the cardios, and I’ll show you a man whose joints ache. Even people who claim to like cardio, don’t really like cardio. They like telling you that they like cardio only to intimidate you. They’re lying. What they like is... Read more
15 Killer Exercises That Don’t Require Gym Equipment
It’s not just about being a cheapskate. Joining gyms isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Not only that, sometimes we are traveling where we don’t have access to a facility. Orrr, maybe you belong to a gym but are looking for ancillary work to add to your normal routine. Before there... Read more
4 Signs You Need to Change Your Workout Right Now
It’s not you, Workout, it’s me. I don’t like YOU… Change is not always welcome, nor is it easy. If it were, then people wouldn’t toil in dead-end jobs, tolerate unhappy relationships or keep showing up to workouts that aren’t resulting in change. Sometimes the obvious answer is the... Read more
Tough Love on Why You Don’t Have a Six Pack Yet
Once upon a time, I had access to data on typical gym goals for new gym members. One of the top three goals was to have a six pack. I think it was number two in the list. It’s great that people set goals. Goals are personal; they should... Read more
3 Ways To Motivate Your Mind To Exercise
Even gym bunnies have their off days, there’s no denying it. Keeping up with a steady schedule of exercise activities can be a punishing affair and from time to time, you might just feel like packing the whole thing in. There’s no judgment. Staying motivated can be a very... Read more
Why Pool Competitors Should Practice in Open Water
There’s a good reason the Telegraph named open water the swimming trend of 2015. Open water pushes swimmers like no other training environment. Obviously, one should train mostly in the environments in which she would be competing. Change up too many elements in your training environment, and you may... Read more
To Move Better Fix These 4 Classic Exercises
The funniest thing ever said by a movie critic was, “I’d only change two things; the first half and the second half.” Funny, but so often true. I often feel similar about the gym. The only thing wrong with how you’re doing the big three Olympic lifts is in... Read more
The 1 Super Important Thing Missing From Your Workouts
From consistency to execution, there are many moving parts to keep a successful, active lifestyle. The arguments for which is the secret ingredient for success vary as much as the approaches. In truth, there is only one virtue upon which every other one is stacked successfully, or unsuccessfully. The... Read more
3 Ab Pointers You Need More Than Crunches
Sorry to report, but you can have six pack abs and still be in terrible condition for lifting. A six pack, as the rectus abdominis is commonly referenced, is the gold standard in physical fitness, just slightly ahead of huge biceps. Both are flawed metrics for true fitness. This is gonna... Read more
The 4 Surprising Ways Weight Lifters Age Better
Like it or not, if we’re lucky, we’ll all age beyond our youth. It’s a privilege not all humans are able to experience. How those years pass by is as much a product of our genetics as it is our lifestyles. Since we cannot control our genetics, we are wise... Read more
4 Rules to Set Better Fitness Goals
Ask any would-be gym goer what are her fitness goals. In order, they will be: tone up, get six-pack abs, and feel better. Most want all three and maybe a unicorn. Of these, only one constitutes a good goal, but even the six-pack abs goal is full of holes. I... Read more
Stop Talking About Form; Start Talking About Technique
“Hey bro, how’s my form?” -Lifter who just wants a compliment. The gold standard of lifting correctly is maintaining proper form throughout a lift, but it may be time we reconsider this vague term. Borrowed from Kelly Starrett, a well-respected educator, the term technique may more clearly describe quality... Read more
3 Things Wrong With Your Pull Ups
Chin-ups and pull-ups are NOT “basically the same thing.” Fine, they are, but the technique differences are more than just flipping around your hands. Chin-ups are done with your hands gripping the bar upside down, palms facing your face. This grip rotates your shoulders out of their strongest position. We’ll... Read more
Why Hiking is a Great Intro to Exercise
The little secret that you should know about hiking is, it’s basically walking in nature. At the outset, most hiking could be categorized as nature walks. This is a great place to start. Whether your hikes are strolls through the glen or humps up the cliffside, when done correctly,... Read more
Three Huge Weight Loss Misconceptions
With beach season right around the corner, everyone out there is trying to trim off those last few pounds of winter weight to have a rockin body for the beach. However, if you resort to visiting websites, forums and blogs to lose the weight, you are likely being dealt... Read more
6 Ways To Master Your Next Cardio Workout
Whether you’re a gym bunny or a lone runner, cardio workouts are essential to maintaining your overall health and getting your heart rate pumping from time to time can stand you in great stead for the future. Typically, a cardio workout will raise your resting heart beat, boost your... Read more
The Beginner’s Guide To Interval Training
Interval training is one of the very best ways that you can rapidly improve your health, work up a sweat and tone your muscles at the same time. Made up of a series of high intensity activities, interspersed with longer, more gentle exercises, interval training is designed to test... Read more
Three Fitness Myths You Should Not Be Falling For
With the hundreds of so called fitness experts and various websites out there dedicated to fitness, there are bound to be some misinformation that takes place. Sometimes, it is hard to tell what is correct from what is wrong. In an effort to help, here are three fitness myths... Read more
3 Reasons You Need to Explode When Lifting
If there is no aspect of your workout that moves explosively there is a huge hole in your training program. The ramifications for your body are far worse than skipping your pre-lift stretching routine. There are basically two paradigms with explosive work: Must I? I force myself to do it because... Read more