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Baseline Blood Sugar: When a Non-Diabetic Wears a Glucose Monitor
Before I was diabetic, I never cared what my blood sugar was. I barely knew what it was, except when people would say “Whew! I’m about to faint I better eat something, my blood sugar is low!” Whether their blood glucose was actually low, we will never know. As... Read more
Are You Lacking In Vitamin B12? Here’s How To Know
Do you have unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle weakness? You could be seriously lacking in vitamin B12. Essential for the nervous system, vitamin B12 helps to create DNA and RNA, which are both essential building blocks for the rest of your body. Failing to get enough of... Read more
At Risk Of Prediabetes? Here’s How To Beat It
What is prediabetes? While millions of people around the world suffer from the disease, there are even more who are teetering over the edge, at risk of developing the condition but still on the other side of the fence. If your body has prediabetic tendencies and is in the... Read more