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7 Secrets To Increase Your Strength In The Gym
You’ve been weight training too long to lift such tiny loads. If it’s time to increase your strength, you should know a few things… Sorry to go all fitness-nerd on you, but don’t confuse full motor unit recruitment with true gains. Motor unit recruitment is a fancy term to... Read more
Three Great “At Home” Exercise Equipment
In today’s day and age of various health and fitness crazes and the infomercial, there are a ton of useless and questionable home workout equipment that you really shouldn’t look into buying. However, amongst the hordes of awful, at home exercise gear, there are some really good machines out... Read more
Quit Bodybuilding: Confessions of a Former Gym Manager
“So, what’s that work?” asked the guy, grabbing at the body fat hanging over his hips. I was teaching him barbell floor bridges. He was hoping I would reply hip fat. In case you’re wondering, the glutes drive the floor bridge’s movement, but the answer to what does it work? That’s a question based... Read more
The Painful Truth About Stretching – Part 2 of 2
Ditch your stretching routine for a mobilization routine. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you may have missed part one. It’s a quick read. Mobilization is going to ask a little more of you than your tired old routine, but the return will be oh, so worth... Read more
The Painful Truth About Stretching – Part 1 of 2
You can stop now. You weren’t really focused on that stretch anyway. When the stretching backlash hit the media, those of who’d been through any kind of fitness education, checked our calendars to see if it was April 1st. It wasn’t. Respected fitness professionals were saying, you can stop stretching now... Read more
Three Ways to Get Motivated for the Gym
Everybody wants to be fit and get to the gym, but the biggest problem facing most people is the motivation factor. A large number of people simply can’t get themselves out of the door and actually go to the gym, and make every excuse in the book as to... Read more
6 Things You Should Be Doing Before Your Workout
Working out is about so much more than what you do during your session and in order to get the most out of your routine, it pays to focus on what you do before and after you exercise. While we all have our individual rituals, there are a number... Read more
Burn Fat Faster With These Alternative Exercises
When it comes to fat burning exercises, you might think that there are few activities quite as effective as pounding the pavement but it turns out, running might not be the most effective way in which to shift the pounds. While raising your heartbeat and working up a sweat... Read more
Do Your Best to Avoid Doing These Three Things Before the Gym
Everyone wants to have a good and solid workout every time they go to the gym, however, some people may not even know that the things they do every day are stopping them from doing that. There are certain things you definitely should not do right before you go... Read more
5 Ways To Burn Fat Without Leaving Your Desk
One the biggest hurdles people face for not making good on new year’s resolutions is time. People work too many hours. Finding time to go to a gym or play dodgeball is impossible. If there were just some way we could burn body fat while we worked, then we... Read more
Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym
There is nothing that can destroy your motivation and drive to work out like not seeing results after months or even years in the gym. You put in the hard work and early mornings and feel like you deserve the results and they should be there. Here are three... Read more
The Beginner’s Guide To Yoga
Do you want to get stronger, more flexible and look after your body long into the future? Yoga might be the best way forwards. The low impact, strength building exercise has long been lauded as one of the best at improving your overall health and general well being and... Read more
How To Hack Your Next Cardio Workout
Working out your heart is one of the best ways in which you can improve your health and ramp up your fitness level. Cardio workouts are perhaps the most vital part of a balanced fitness regime and in order to get the most out of you activities, it pays... Read more
4 Exercises To Get In Shape On The Go
Getting in shape on the go is all about fitting in your exercises around your work schedule but what if there were another way? When slotting in workout sessions becomes too much to juggle, you can let your fitness regime fall by the wayside but instead of getting down... Read more
Three Reasons Why You Should Take Up Swimming
With the weather getting nicer, pools will be opening soon and people are itching to get swimming. And while swimming is a great and fun pastime, there are some real and concrete reasons why you should take up swimming as a hobby or as a part of a workout.... Read more
The Beginner’s Guide To Weight Training
Getting into tip top physical health is about so much more than eating right and working up a sweat and if you really want to push your body, it’s all about how you use your muscles. Entering into the world of weight training can be more than a little... Read more
It’s the third time you’ve toured the local family fitness facility. This time, they’re on to you. The sales manager, Steve, keeps asking you silly questions like, “seems you like it here, what would it take for you to join today?” Um, cash? Jerk. Face it, gyms simply aren’t... Read more
The conflict plaguing most folks’ bench press technique is balancing strength with longevity. Is it possible to lift the way you want today as well as when you’re older? Strength and longevity aren’t necessarily foes. In fact, quite the opposite. Consider this: what if your body was meant to... Read more
3 Quick and Easy At Home Workouts
Everyone wants to get a toned and great body, but it is an unfortunate reality that most people are much too busy to even go to the gym or let alone spend hours there a week. That is why a lot of people have taken to the idea of... Read more
“I want to workout. When I try to get in the habit of working out it doesn’t last. I feel like I’m constantly in a state of getting back into it.” – You To hack your body, you have to first hack your brain. The simple solution to your... Read more