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3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of the Dentist
If you were to ask 100 people if they hate the dentist, at least 75% would likely say they do. Fear of going to the dentist is a real thing and millions of people in the USA alone suffer from it. The source of this fear can be a... Read more
Use These 3 Tips to Trick Your Body Into Eating Less
While the quality of the food we eat is a problem, perhaps the biggest issue in our largely unhealthy diets is the portion size. Pretty much everybody eats way more than they need to sustain their nutrition and hunger levels. If you have this issue, don’t worry, here are... Read more
3 of the Best Superfoods to Try in 2016
In the past couple years; there have been a ton of different foods that have been labelled “superfoods” for the fact they are healthy and backed with a variety of different nutrients. Things like Kale and quinoa (among others) have become massively popular health foods in record time. SO... Read more
This Smart Lunch Box Will Make Your Goals Much Easier
One of the biggest stepping stones that people need to overcome to be healthier is lunchtime at work. Not only is eating out every day for lunch extremely pricey over time, most of the options you are presented with aren’t very healthy at all. Of course, you can always... Read more
How to Develop the “V’s”
Perhaps one of the most desired things (at least physically) that people want is the abdominal “V” lines. Both men and women would love to have these, but they don’t know how to go about it. Try these three tips out to sculpt those V’s. 1. Target the Lower... Read more
3 Things to Know If You Want to Keep the Weight Off
Everyone wants to lose the weight, but the real goal should be to not only lose it, but also keep it off. But this can be easier said than done. Keeping weight off after initially losing it can be tough, but if you know these three things, it will... Read more
How Should You Prepare for a Marathon?
With summer here and fall quickly approaching, now is the time of year when a lot of marathons are taking place all over the world. If you are looking to run one the first step is to take the plunge and actually sign up for one. But the next... Read more
3 Ways to Maximise Your Muscle Pump
Let’s face it, everyone loves the way we look and feel at the gym. This is because of our “pump”. A pump is when we feel like our muscles are about to explode out of our skin, and we also look more muscular than ever. Most would love to... Read more
The History and “Boom” of Endurance Events
Back in the day, endurance events were reserved for hard core athletes who would compete in triatholons and other events. But over the past decade or so, we have seen an explosion of more “casual” endurance events that, while difficult, can be done and completed the many more individuals... Read more
4 of the Most Common Gym Injuries
We all know that injuries happen at the gym, but which are the most prevalent? By knowing which injuries are the most common, we can be extra vigilant when doing exercises that could cause those injuries. Now, of course, there are a ton of common injuries and you should... Read more
The Gift of Muscles
The epitome of the bodybuilding world and the goal of everyone in the sport, is to be crowned Mr. Olympia. Huge names such as Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger have paved the way for athletes to become superstars from this competition. And one man who has really made a... Read more
3 Ways to Lower Risk of Injury at the Gym
One thing that, by now, everyone knows is great for you is to work out often. It offers a ton of physical and mental benefits that we should all look to take advantage of. But the problem with some people is that they are so concerned with the working... Read more
3 “Healthy” Beverages that Are Not as Healthy as You Think
The way things are marketed and sold can sometime be very misleading. These three beverages are often sold as a healthy option for a drink, but in reality they are not. Here I will mention why these beverages perceived as healthy, are really quite the opposite. 1. Diet Soda... Read more
A Look at Tim Ferriss
If you are interested in bettering your mind, body and life, Tim Ferriss is someone you should make yourself familiar with. Ferriss is an awarding winning author as well as an angel investor in some of the biggest companies out there such as Facebook, Twitter, Uber and more. His... Read more
4 Great Subreddits to Master Your Body
Reddit has burst onto the scene over the past couple of years and is one of the most popular websites out there. The site is a collection of “subreddits” in which users talk about and discuss a wide variety of things from movies to music to news and much... Read more
The Transcendent Man
The technology we have around us is evolving and moving forward at an alarming rate, and one of the indivudlas at the forefront of what could be next is a man named Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is an author, inventor, computer scieinst and more, but is without a doubt best... Read more
3 Shocking Ways to Naturally Improve Testosterone
As men, we all want to add muscle mass, and the way to easiest do that is increase testosterone. Not only does it help with muscle and bone health, it can also help lower the risk of osteoporosis. However, many men do not know how to raise their testosterone... Read more
How Should You Learn a New Language?
Learning a language is one of the best things you can do for yourself in life. Not only can it help you become a more cultured and varied individual, but it can also lead to a ton of more job opportunities all over the world. But when deciding to... Read more
3 Things That You Didn’t Know Could Vastly Improve Your Mental Health
We all know of various ways to increase our brain health and strength. Things like learning, reading, teaching and more have been shown to improve our brainpower, but did you know there are also tons of other ways to do so? Well, here are three surprising things you can... Read more
Here Are Four Extremely Common Regrets You Should Avoid
In life, we sometimes don’t get to do things we want to for one reason or another. It could be a job, finances or any other factor that influences your choice. And when we let things get in the way of things we truly want to do, it often... Read more