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3 Ways to Beat Your Insecurity
While there are a ton of people out there who are extremely confident in themselves, their lives and their abilities, there are also those on the other side of the spectrum. Insecurity about ourselves is something we all deal with at one time or another, but for some people,... Read more
These Food Combinations Can Help You Shed The Pounds Quicker
Want to lose more weight? It could be all about the kinds of foods that you combine. It turns out, as well as diet playing a major part in the size of your waistline, so too could the kinds of ingredients you use together and if you really want... Read more
Easy Fitness Tips For The Workout Wary
Struggling to get into the whole exercise thing? You’re probably not alone. Picking up a fitness habit for the first time can be a very daunting process and simply knowing where to begin is the biggest hurdle that you might face. The best advice is to take your time... Read more
3 Tips to Help You Quit Coffee
Coffee can be a great way to feel more alert and awake throughout the day and millions and millions of people across the world have coffee each and every day. And while coffee and caffeine are fine in moderation, there are a ton of people out there who have... Read more
Breathe Correctly for Exercise: Here’s How
Everything in human existence comes down to one basic activity; breathing. It’s the force behind everything we create. Without it, we don’t last long. We can go for weeks without eating, days without drinking, but the longest someone can hold her breath is minutes at best. No doubt, breathing... Read more
3 Ways to Alleviate Back Pain
One of the most common ailments facing individuals on a day to day basis is back pain. We all have struggled with it from time to time and it is never a fun time. With that in mind, here are three great ideas to try that could help get... Read more
4 Habits That Can Change the Way You Look
In life, we would all love to change the way we look for the better, even by a little bit. While dressing better, working and having more confidence can help a bit, there are other habits you can adapt that will have just as big a help in changing... Read more
5 Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Teeth (Before It’s Too Late)
When was the last time that you went to the dentist? Let’s be honest here, no-one enjoys making an appointment to have their teeth prodded and poked about and if you’re like many people, you might put off the inevitable for a very long time indeed. It’s time to... Read more
The Art of Self-Confidence
When it comes to self-confident people, they all have qualities that we admire. Whether it be the quiet but confident tech CEO, or the inspiring and loud inspirational speaker or even the media personality who is not afraid to say what they mean. While these are all vastly different... Read more
Can Our Bodies Be Influenced by the Weather?
Our bodies are a crazy thing and can be affected (in positive and negative ways) by a lot of our environment and surroundings in life. And one thing that you may be surprised to know actually has an influence on our bodies, mood and mind is actually the weather.... Read more
3 Secrets to a Successful and Long-Lasting Relationships
When it comes to our relationships in life, we all want them to be long, successful and prosperous for everyone involved. Unfortunately, very few relationships that we have actually work out in the long term. Here are three great tips and secrets for the best chance at a successful... Read more
How To Make The Most Out Of Your Midweek Workout
Getting into good shape is all about putting in the time. While sculpting your body won’t happen overnight, you can see significant improvement to your health and well being when you dedicate a certain amount of time per week towards getting into shape. What, then, if you lack the... Read more
4 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles
Didn’t get enough shut eye last night? It could be written all over your face. A lack of sleep can make itself manifest in a whole number of ways but there is one physical symptom that we all suffer from, no matter how good our complexion. Dark circles are... Read more
4 Late Night Habits That Will Keep You Wide Awake
Fed up of lying awake every night, counting sheep? It might be down to your late night habits. How you choose to spend the hours before you hit the hay can have a huge impact on your ability to fall asleep at night and if you find that, night... Read more
Why Meditation is One of the Best Things You Can Do in Your Life
While there are a ton of habits out there that you can pick up that will be beneficial in your life, perhaps none are more important or beneficial to you than meditation. Now, it is often disregarded by many as something useless that doesn’t work, but my advice is,... Read more
Water Worries: Are You Drinking Enough Fluids?
Water, water everywhere; are you getting enough to drink? With so many other things piling up on your plate, getting enough water into your system can get thrown to the backbench and yet, not drinking enough can have serious ramifications on your health. Filling your body with the right... Read more
3 Tips to Get Over Constipation
If lately you’ve been feeling a little “backed up” (for lack of a better term), don’t be embarrassed. This is an extremely common problem that millions and millions Americans deal with on a consistent basis. So what to do when you are suffering from constipation? Well, read on and... Read more
The 5 Step Guide To Mastering Your Next 5k Run
It’s the ultimate beginner race and yet, if you’re just starting out, a 5k run can seem like a really hard hurdle to get over. At just over 3 miles, a 5k can help to test both your endurance and your speed and by working on your stamina and... Read more
3 Tips to Work Less and Get More Done
For years, we have praised hard work. And while there is nothing wrong with working hard (it is great), but we really should be more worried with working smart. By working smart, there is the potential to get more work done in less time, and who doesn’t want more... Read more
These Are The Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine
When most people wake up and are on the way to work, they often come armed with a cup of coffee in their hand. This coffee is a universal pick me up for millions every day and its benefits are obvious to those who drink it. However, there are... Read more